What Should You Know About Our Company

We want to introduce you to our team. These are passionate personalities, dedicated specialists and just good people. We are proud of each member of our team for their academic and personal achievements. When you learn more about us, you can trust us to find the best writing service for you.

Company Mission

Technology development is what helps other areas to develop, for example, education. Now students can order an essay, course paper or laboratory report online at any time. Of course, there are some difficulties. For example, it is not always easy to find a good company: with official registration, a qualified team, reasonable prices, a sincere willingness to help students.

The good news is that such companies really exist. And we know how to find them. We are an ambitious team of experts that helps students in finding the best services. We carefully study the reviews and ratings of various companies. We can even order essays on our own in order to objectively evaluate its level. Some scammers write laudatory reviews about themselves and we know how to get them thrown off the bench.

We set ourselves the mission of helping students from all over the world. If you have questions or wishes, you can always contact us and count on our support.

Our Research Team

Our team consists of 5 people, each of which is a true professional. Let's get to know them closer.

Marsha Wixon - Senior researcher at AZWritingReviews

Marsha Wixon

Education: California Institute of Integral Studies, Ph.D. in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness

Job Experience: Marsha is that person who, even after obtaining a doctoral degree, has not lost interest in studying. Therefore, she regularly holds lectures for students for the past 7 years. She tries to make them as interesting as possible. For 5 years, Marsha has been working with our company to help students, even more, this time not just with studies, but with the search for a good writing service.

Role in our team: Senior researcher

Neil Dylan - Senior researcher at AZWritingReviews

Neil Dylan

Education: The University of Georgia - College of Engineering, Ph.D. in Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Job Experience: Neil has been an important member of our team for 4 years now. He works as a professor at the university and teaches biology to students. Therefore, he understands well how to prepare a quality laboratory report. Neil quickly determines which of the authors conducts deep research, and who simply paraphrases other people's papers.

Role in our team: Senior researcher

Annie Hamilton - Researcher at AZWritingReviews

Annie Hamilton

Education: Georgia Southern University, Doctor of Clinical Psychology

Job Experience: Annie joined our team two years ago. But her professional experience totals already 8 years. Mrs. Annie Hamilton works as a psychologist, she has a private practice. She also occasionally gives lectures at various universities in all states. Annie perfectly understands what difficulties students face and how they can be helped. Not only psychologically, but also with a more applied approach, for example, the search for the best writing services.

Role in our team: Researcher

Pearson Smith - Researcher at AZWritingReviews

Pearson Smith

Education: Avondale College of Higher Education, Doctor of Philosophy

Job Experience: Mr. Smith has been with our team for 3 years. He specializes in complex and voluminous term papers, dissertations. While working as a professor at the university, Pearson is constantly confronted with various students who buy bad papers. Therefore, he is always ready to provide professional advice: both on writing a scientific work, and on finding a good company.

Role in our team: Researcher

Wendy Anderson - Senior researcher at AZWritingReviews

Wendy Anderson

Education: Teesside University, Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA)

Job Experience: Wendy is an indispensable member of our team. She has her own online business, to which she devotes almost all her time. Fortunately, she felt the need to apply her analytical and research skills, and so we gained her. Wendy helps us rank student services, analyze market prices, compare competitors and choose the best.

Role in our team: Senior Researcher

Why Trust Us

There are several reasons why you can trust us. Here are the most important ones:

  • Real reviews. We spend a great deal of time compiling honest and impartial reviews of various writing services for you. Our experts personally test them to get an objective opinion.
  • Comments from real users. We encourage visitors to our website to leave feedback and comments. No bots and fake accounts.
  • Evaluation of web design and usability. We evaluate all companies using an integrated approach. If the website was designed unprofessionally and the navigation was just awful, we can say that the quality of the writing services will be appropriate.
  • Samples of papers. Our experts really read samples written by company authors. This helps to evaluate their English level and writing style.
  • Price and quality. We will warn you if the price list of any of the services does not match the quality of the services offered.

Stay tuned and you will never again have difficulty finding a writing service!