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February, 2022 Last Update

Modern students, to get an education requires a lot of knowledge in various subjects and areas. Even in the presence of the Internet, student life is not simplified – daily homework, assignments, presentations take a lot of time. Often the student does not even have enough strength to cope with all the tasks. A busy schedule leads to a deterioration in the physical and psychological condition.

Many students look to experts to help them improve their academic performance. How do writing companies work? You place an order in which you specify the topic, discipline, type of paper, deadline, and the writer fulfills it. This approach allows students to save time and effort for more important things or to relax. Are you also looking for a reliable writing company? Do you want to cooperate with

Well, we understand your desire to get help with your studies. However, before you collaborate with the writers of this firm, read our honest review. We evaluated the company according to several criteria: prices, services, guarantees, support service, special features, paper quality. Therefore, you will receive comprehensive answers to all questions, including security and fraud.

What Is

BoomEssays is an academic assignment writing company. The company is quite new and has attracted a lot of controversy among people. NetFix LLC owns BoomEssays. NetFix LLC also promotes, which is known for high pricing, poor paper quality, and money-back guarantee scams. However, we did not judge BoomEssays based on facts about and made an objective assessment.

Ukrainian developers own NetFix LLC. Their location is in Kyiv, Ukraine. Therefore, when BoomEssays indicated the company’s registration in the United States, it is a blatant lie. The design of the website is excellent – it contains purple, orange, and green colors. The site is easy to use and feature-rich. However, it is overwhelmed with a lot of information that can harm your eyesight.


BoomEssays boasts a large list of services that sets them apart from the competition. Here you can order:

  • Essays of any type.
  • Term paper.
  • Research paper.
  • Coursework.
  • Book report.
  • Book review.
  • Review of the film.
  • Capstone project.
  • Case study.
  • Laboratory report.
  • Laboratory work.
  • PowerPoint presentation.
  • Research article.
  • Annotated bibliography.
  • Reaction paper.

At first glance, the services are really good, but the team of experts is too small. Today, about 100 writers are engaged in academic papers – this is not enough to issue orders on time. Therefore, students often complain that BoomEssays is delaying deadlines. Moreover, the writers are Ukrainian freelancers who know English at a basic level.

When creating texts, authors use open sources and paraphrase them instead of giving out creative thoughts. The company should be focusing on a few services and hiring native English speakers but not grabbing all the services to make as much money as possible. Discounts and Pricing

The company assists students of all academic levels: school, college, university. Therefore, their pricing policy varies depending on this criterion. The deadline and the number of pages also affect the cost of services.

For example, for a one-page essay, for 14 days, you will have to pay $ 12.99. You will have to pay $ 41.99 for a 3-hour one-page essay. The academic level, in this case, will be high school. As you can see, the prices are high – there are cheaper alternatives to, where authors offer writing services for $ 8 per page. If you need a college essay, be prepared to pay $ 74.95 for a single page for 14 days, and for a 6-hour essay, you will need to pay $ 179.95. Can a typical student afford their services? No, because it outweighs their daily expenses.

We were very disappointed with this pricing policy because non-professional writers could have set prices lower. How about the promo code? Yes, there is a 15% discount here. Even with such a discount, you will not significantly reduce the price – this is a marketing ploy to attract customers.

Payment Method and Order Form

The process of ordering papers is simple. There is an order form on the main page. You need to select the type of services, type of paper, terms, and number of pages. The company will then redirect you to fill out a more detailed form. You need to indicate the discipline or science, topic, assignment details, additional materials or writing requirements, paper format, amount of resources, academic level, writer, payment currency, and discount code.

We want to draw your attention to such a moment: the choice of the author. The company offers to choose a writer from the United States or Great Britain – is cheating. Their writers are Ukrainian freelancers, and this means that they did not have the right to indicate such information, as they lead students into confusion. That being said, they want extra pay if you choose writers from Great Britain – that’s audacity. Now let’s get back to the order form.

After specifying the project details, the company will redirect you to filling in the preferences for the order. For free, the company will select the author for you. You can choose authors with an advanced degree or an author from the top 10 list for an additional fee. If you select these functions, then be prepared to pay + 25% or 30% to the order.

After examining the order form, even more, we were disappointed. The company offers to buy the plagiarism report and draft, while other writing companies offer these features for free. The company also divides clients into regular and VIP. What is the difference? The difference is that agents and writers will answer your messages faster. The company is trying to make money on everything.

The last step of payment is to provide your contact information and register an account. Here you need to specify your name, email, country, phone. After that, the company will offer to pay for the order – that is, you must send money in advance, which is very dangerous because the authors are not professionals and you risk getting low-quality papers. Payment methods are good: credit or debit cards and online wallets.

Special Features For Customers

In addition to the fact that the company of is engaged in writing academic papers, the authors offer special features:

  • Rewriting – if you need to rewrite an article, in other words, the author will do it.
  • Mathematics, physics, statistics, economics problems – the authors can solve tasks in these areas.
  • Proofreading – the author will proofread your text and advise on how to improve the article.
  • Editing – if you are not sure about the quality of the paper, then the author will clear the text from grammatical, stylistic, and punctuation errors. However, the author is not a native English speaker, and this feature is a scam.
  • Copywriting – the author will write articles on specific topics. For example, for your website.
  • Admission services – the author helps to enter the selected educational institution.
  • Resume Writing – the authors create a portfolio for work.

As you can see, the special features are as extensive as the writing services. Therefore, this is another sign that the company’s priority is to make as much money as possible instead of providing you with high-quality assistance.

Reputation and Quality

Is good? To answer this question, we analyzed the review platforms and personally checked the quality of services. To get started, we looked at reviews on the official website. Of course, we found only positive reviews. Therefore, for a more objective assessment, we turned to Sitejabber

The feedback from one of the clients shocked us. The client reported that the company did not appoint authors – the managers could not find a writer for the discipline indicated by the client. However, the company did not return the money and ignored the client’s requests. When a client posted a review on Sitejabber, the company suggested that the client find a solution to the problem himself instead of honestly giving money. This is the true face of We have already written more than once that laziness is a priority for them, but not your comfort. Other customers reported poor quality, late delivery, and unreasonable use of punctuation marks.

We then explored Reddit. However, there are no reviews here. Nevertheless, we would like to draw your attention to such platforms as,,,, – NetFix LLC owns these websites, so you cannot trust their reviews. Managers publish only positive reviews there, and this is not an indicator of their professionalism.

Now we will share with you our experience of cooperation with We ordered a two-page high school essay for 14 days and paid $ 25.98. The company delivered the document on time, but the quality disappointed us. First, the author created short sentences that a first grader could write. Secondly, we found many bugs and requested an edit. Even after editing, the quality of the paper changed little – the author did not understand what the problem was. How about plagiarism? Yes, there is plagiarism in the lyrics – we found 30% borrowing. Therefore, the customer reviews and our experience is the same.

Customer Support

The support service works 24/7. However, it is impossible to get a quick answer. To contact the manager, you will have to indicate your name, email, and question. After the system processes your data, the manager will connect to the chat. The connection of an agent can take from one minute to an hour – it all depends on the workload of managers. At first glance, the agents respond nicely, help fill out the order form, but the conversation interrupts when you demand a refund for the paper, as it was in our case.

We informed the manager that the quality of the paper was poor and asked for a refund. The manager replied that the author fulfilled all the requirements, the article corresponds to the topic, and if there are comments, the writer will edit the errors. Even after making corrections, the quality of the paper was at the same low level, and after many hours of sending requests for a refund, the manager did not answer us.

Guarantees – Can I get my money back?

No, and no again! Even though the website has a money-back guarantee badge, you won’t get your money. This is evidenced by customer feedback and our experience. The whiskey company shies away from its obligations. Moreover, a refund can only be received by the client who placed an order for sums above $ 10. Moreover, they have return rules:

  • A 100% refund can be received by those customers who have not yet received the author. Based on customer feedback from Sitejabber, he did not receive a refund.
  • 70% of the refund can be received by those customers who have already received the author.
  • You can return 50% of the amount if half of the term has passed since the order.

If the author has delayed the deadline for the project, then the company can return a certain percentage of the amount – it all depends on the deadline. They also guarantee free revision of the text. If you notice errors, you have 14 days to request an edit. However, you will get back the same paper quality as it was. The author will change only the word order instead of rewriting plagiarism or replacing punctuation marks.

Pros and Cons

We found both disadvantages and advantages of For better clarity, let’s summarize them in the table:

An extensive list of services.High pricing policy.
The website is easy to use.The company is lying about the money-back guarantee.
An extensive list of special features.Bad online reputation.
There are discounts.The company requires additional payment for the plagiarism report and draft.
24/7 support service.The quality of the papers is poor.
The authors are not native English speakers.
Long order form.


We conducted an objective analysis of the company and wrote an honest review, considering all aspects. The main disadvantage of the company is the false money-back guarantee. We are very sorry that forgets about the comfort of the clients in the pursuit of money. Despite the simplicity and convenience of the website, the order form is time-consuming. High prices prevent all students from receiving study assistance. Text plagiarism can ruin your academic reputation. The authors do not understand anything about formatting, structuring, and they make gross mistakes. Therefore, our final rating is 2.6/5.

Choose a Trusted Service

Doubt about the quality of the services of a writing company? Please don’t waste time! Check out our list of the best companies to help students write academic papers. We recommend extremely reliable companies with honest guarantees, an excellent online reputation, and high-quality papers. Therefore, do not let scammers deceive you – turn to the experts from our selection.


Every day we receive the same questions about For your convenience, we have duplicated the answers here to help you make your final choice.

Is Legit?

Is legal? Their writers are Ukrainian freelancers who don’t understand anything about academic writing. Moreover, they indicate the company’s place of registration – the United States, but the real location is Kyiv, Ukraine. They do not comply with American laws and do not pay taxes.

Is Scam?

The company does provide writing services. The professionals claim that is not a scam. But it is not a reliable service as the texts contain plagiarism and many errors. They also shy away from refunds when requested by clients, convincing that the author has met all the requirements.

How much does it cost to use

Three aspects affect the price: academic level, number of pages, deadline. The average price for a one-page high school essay, 14 days, is $ 12.99.

Is my safe?

If you can’t get your money back for poorly written papers, what kind of safe can we talk about? Likewise, they can leave you paperless or refuse to edit. Therefore, you run the risk of being trapped by scammers.

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