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 an extensive list of services; flexible prices and deadlines


hidden fees and non-fixed price list; lack of guarantees; no revision; poor customer support

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February, 2022 Last Update

The terrifying moment in the curriculum, according to students, is the writing of academic papers and performing various tests. The fact is that the curriculum is too busy, and the complexity of the tasks is different, which significantly affects the psychological and physical condition of the student. Hot deadlines put even more pressure on them. Yes, writing academic assignments can give you invaluable skills that you can use in your future profession. However, help never hurts.

Most students prefer to turn to writers who can complete any task for them. As a result, students get more free time to spend on more important things or leisure. Moreover, experts help to improve academic performance and increase the chances of getting an A +.

One such academic writing aid platform is The company exists recently, and for this reason, students have many questions about reputation, guarantees, quality of services, etc. Therefore, we wrote a review to give you comprehensive answers.

What Is

BoostmMyGrades is an online platform to help students learn. The company has existed since 2015 – it is a young company because there are companies that opened their doors in 2000 and are still functioning well. The website design is terrifying and gloomy – black and green dominated. On the main page posted a picture of a man – the graphics are bad, all in pixels.

The website has all the information you need to give you more data on the features and benefits of the company of However, the developers have not created a pricing calculator. Thus, students will not be able to find out the preliminary price without communicating with the manager. This approach aims to strike up a conversation with you and convince you to use their services.


Compared to the competition, has a small list of services:

  • Online classes. If you have registered for online classes but do not have time to complete tasks, the company will help you. To do this, you need to share the training program, and the managers will select a tutor who will perform tasks for you and advise on incomprehensible issues. The company offers communication with a tutor via online chat – this is inconvenient. Live communication would help you better understand the material. Moreover, the author could copy the explanation of the problem for you, and you will never know whether he is an expert or a student just like you.
  • Online tests and quizzes. Today, teachers are actively using automated assessments of students’ knowledge. Therefore, the company has implemented a help function for online tests and quizzes. To use this service, you need to transfer personal data to the author – name of the educational institution, real name, and surname. It is very dangerous to give such data to unverified companies because they can use it against you.
  • Homeworks. Each student is faced with homework daily, and the company notes assistance in this area as the most popular. The company claims to have authors in various sciences. For example, they help do homework on literature, mathematics, English, biology, chemistry, physics.
  • Individual essays. If you lack the knowledge to format and structure your essay, the company is ready to create it for you based on your requirements. According to, their essays are free of plagiarism and errors. Lonely, our experience has shown the opposite, but more on that later.

As you can see, authors do not create dissertations, research papers, and term papers. Therefore, college and university students will not be able to get help for many assignments. Discounts and Pricing

As we already noted, there is no price list on the main page. To get a preliminary price for services, you need to contact the manager. Before the system connects you to an online chat, the company requires you to provide an email, name, and message. After processing this data, the system will connect you to the manager. Waiting time takes from several minutes to half an hour.

We wrote to the manager that we wanted to buy an essay. The agent reported that the stratum price for an essay is $ 75 with a deadline of 12 days. This is the price they ask to pay for 1 or 2 pages of paper. We indicated that we needed a 3-page essay, and the manager reported the price of $ 82. We did not ask about other services since this data is enough to conclude the price policy of

It’s very expensive here. Today there are cheaper alternatives to that offer writing help from $ 8 per page. Imagine how much you would have to pay if you need the essay urgently – this is a huge amount that exceeds the student’s daily spending.

How about the promo code? Again, there is no information on the website about discounts like competitors do. We clarified this information with the manager and received a non-consoling answer – the company does not provide discounts or advantageous offers. So be prepared to pay the full price, but we advise you to avoid not doing business with them.

Payment Method and Order Form

Buying services is simple and does not take much time:

  • Check-in. To place an order, you need to register. To register, you will need a username, first and last name, email, phone number. The company will generate the code itself, which the manager will not send to you by email. You will have to enter a new code every time you log into the system, which is very inconvenient.
  • Task description. In a special form, you need to indicate for which task you are looking for help. The manager will tell you the cost of the paper.
  • Payment. The company requires you to pay full payment for the services. This will guarantee them that the author will not work in vain and get his reward.

A minimum of action is required from you. What method can be used to pay for services? The company provides only one way – payment by debit or credit card. Online wallet owners will not be able to pay for services. It is dangerous to pay by card today because by transferring the card number, CVV, expiration date, you run the risk of running out of money. The company can write off additional money from fraudulent platforms, and you will never know who it was.

Special Features for Customers

Besides the above services, provides one special feature – editing. If you find errors in the text or the author did not consider your requirements, you can request editing within seven days from the date of receipt of the order. However, there is no information on how quickly the author will make corrections. Perhaps because of their mistakes, you run the risk of disrupting the deadline for delivering the document.

Reputation and Quality

Is good? We found dozens of reviews on the official website, and they were all positive. We did not trust these reviews since the managers could write them themselves. Therefore, to understand how good the company is, we studied other platforms with reviews and tested the services ourselves.

We first visited Sitejabber One of the clients said that he ordered assistance in passing the exams. The managers appointed a tutor to take the tests. The client indicated that the expert was ill, had family problems, and, because of this, rarely got in touch. Some tests he could not solve, which led to the defeat.

Another student reported that he ordered a paper from them to receive an A +. The company promised to make every effort to satisfy this wish. But the author wrote the text in D. At the same time, and the company did not return money for a low-quality essay.

Having visited Reddit, we did not find any reviews that would describe the quality of the company’s work. Therefore, we started analyzing services based on our own experience.

We have ordered a 3-page essay on literature. The theme sounded like this: “Could the tragedy of Romeo and Juliet have a different end?” We indicated the deadline for 12 days and paid $ 82. First, we want to note this low quality – there were grammatical, stylistic, and punctuation errors in the text.

The second thing we want to draw your attention to is the poor disclosure of the topic. Auto described the characters, their behavior but did not explain how he sees the ending of the tragedy.

How about plagiarism? Having checked the text for uniqueness, we saw that the text contains over 40% of plagiarism. Of course, we demanded editing. The corrected version differed little from the original: the paragraphs were unstructured, and the author used the wrong word order. Therefore, when ordering papers here, be prepared to receive an incomprehensible set of words.

Customer Support

There are several ways to contact managers: by phone, email, and online chat. However, the support service is open from Sunday to Thursday from 9 am to 3 pm. Therefore, you may not be able to get a quick response on other days or times. Instead, you will receive a message like this: “Sorry, we aren’t online at the moment. Leave a message, and we’ll get back to you. Please Note: We’re closed on Friday and Saturday!” There is no FAQ section here, which is very strange because the client could get answer typical questions without contacting the manager.

Guarantees – Can I get my money back?

According to, they have a money-back guarantee. Customers who received papers late may request a 100% refund. Those students who received a D or lower for the assignment can also apply for a refund. However, according to reviews, clients did not get their money back when they reported that authors poorly wrote their articles – is cheating. The company ignores these messages. Another guarantee from is unlimited edit requests – it is a good guarantee as other companies don’t provide it.

Pros and Cons

As you have already noticed, the company has positive and negative sides. Let’s summarize them:

There are three methods of contacting managers: phone, email, and online chat.Inflated pricing policy.
Students can request an unlimited number of edit requests.False money-back guarantee.
Acceptable deadlines for completing tasks.Poor paper quality.
There is help with tests and quizzes.There is no 24/7 support service.
Easy to navigate the site.Bad online reputation.
One method of payment for the order.


We have compiled an objective review, taking into account all the evaluation criteria. There are more disadvantages than advantages. For example, the company does not carry out complex projects, does not return money for poor quality, clients speak poorly about the company, and their prices are sky-high. Therefore, our rating is 2.9/5.

Choose a Trusted Service

Not sure who to ask for help writing academic papers or taking tests? We know! Explore our list of the best learning aid companies, and you can be a successful student. These companies are highly rated by all criteria. Moreover, they are responsible for the quality of papers, support around the clock, and carry out tasks of any complexity.


Are you confused by the flow of information? Read the answers to the frequently asked questions, and you will make the right decision.

Is Legit?

One of the most popular questions – Is legal? There is no information on registration names on the website.

Is Scam?

Based on the fact that the company does not return money for poor quality papers, as it promises, it may be a scam. In addition, their statement about the absence of plagiarism in the texts is also a lie.

How much does it cost to use

There is no price calculator here. To find out the cost of services, you need to contact the manager, and the company will calculate the price based on your order data.

Is safe?

Not! You run the risk of getting bad grades due to the poor quality of the papers.

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