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affordable pricing policy; free guides


lack of customer support; low quality of service provision; outdated and inconvenient website; the confusing form of searching for the required document; minimum list of services

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February, 2022 Last Update

If our reviews interest you and you spend time trying to find out new information for yourself on our pages, this means that you are probably looking for trusted companies and their services to help you with your studies or work. Studying the company and writing reviews was an interesting experience for us, to which our experts have devoted enough time. We will tell you about what good or bad we have learned a little lower in this article. and their functions

By quoting the history of this company, we can tell you that is part of a learning company that was created decades ago with the goal of creating textbooks for students. as an independent company has existed since 2012 and still provides its services. The meaning of their activity at the moment is, in simple terms, to paraphrase well-known literature and to form more understandable texts from chapters of works.

While creating a review, we read a very beautiful story about the creation of a company. The company’s previous activities were actually interesting, but, alas, in our decade, the benefits of what they do are extremely dubious and perhaps even useless. In addition, the company also helps students with exam preparation and homework by means of providing aids that are more understandable and ready to learn.

Types of services review in this section will briefly describe to you what this company can give you and what services are their specialization. Generally speaking, has its own library that the student can use for their own purposes. In their arsenal, the following notes are presented:

  • Everything you need to prepare to pass a test. This section provides literature to help you prepare for the tests you take in high school or college.
  • Education notes. Here is collected literature on all school subjects as well as many other professional topics.Literary notes. Shorter information about famous books, novels, and works.
  • In fact, here you can find a lot of free literature, but key information and books are available for reading only after purchase. But in general, these are the same books that you can find simply by using Google. pricing policy and discounts

Most of the data we can find on the website is provided free of charge. But as we said, you will have to pay for books and specific information. In fact, prices are quite different and can start from 15-20 dollars and end with a few hundred dollars per book. But there is the absurd fact that the information you buy has been in the public access already for a long time. You will not learn anything new here.

As for promo code and other loyalty programs, the company did not provide such a function. The only thing you can count on if you decide to buy a note is rare discounts on random books or manuals. What exactly these discounts depend on is not clear, even after studying information about the company and reviews about them.

How to pay and order on

If nevertheless, you decide to buy a book or notes for yourself and are absolutely sure that plagiarism does not exist, then the purchase will look like this: select a book and send it to the basket. Go there and confirm that you want to start the ordering process. After that, you can register or start registration as a guest. The further purchase process is quite trivial and requires entering your data and bank card details. After confirming all of the above, you will pay for the book and will be able to use, we hope, the unique information received. You are free to pay by credit card or another electronic payment system.

Existing special features and services

As we already understand, this company does not have specific features and offers fairly common services. Perhaps, if you try, you can find books or notebooks that are not easy to find through regular google search. But in practice, and judging by the reddit reviews, neither other users nor we have noticed anything that is worth extra attention. Likewise, the company does not provide any special services that might actually surprise or interest students or workers.

Reputation of company and quality of their products

The company tells in its own articles and stories about perfect reputations and their pure motives. Reading how they present themselves, in fact, a sense of pride for humanity and their positive intentions awakens. In theory, everything sounds pretty. But what do we have in practice?
If you start looking deeper, you will realize that many of the things that are offered here to you to buy have been available for free for a long time. Why, then, is the company trying to sell them to us? Answer yourself the question: is cheating? And this answer is likely to be positive.

Customer Support role in the work of

The only possible way to contact the support service is to write them a letter to the email address specified in the contacts. The customer support service answers questions about book delivery, availability of a particular material or answers questions of interest to the reader. Sitejabber discussions indicate that answers to questions are very rare, and if you have already paid for your order, then most likely, there will be a delay in solving the problems that have arisen.

In our case, we wrote a letter to find out when one of the books will be available. The answer to the request came to us a day later and did not turn out to be very useful, and said that the company does not own the information we wanted to know. The support team must take care of potential customers, but, unfortunately, we did not see this here.

How can I get my money back?

To get a chance to get your money back, you must contact support and tell them the reason for your decision. The company can provide you with a refund in two cases: if your package arrived damaged and the goods in it did not have the desired appearance, or if the wrong book was delivered to you. You can make a request for a refund within 6 months after proving that your situation complies with the company’s return policy.

In general, the conditions are the same as for other companies that deliver any products. In the questions section on the company’s website, you will find several questions about the return policy. What you will see there is only a recommendation to contact the company as soon as possible and a link that you should follow. As we said above, this company’s level of customer service is not the best, and this is also one more reason to try to find cheaper alternatives to

Pros and cons in a table

The reason why you decided to write this review was the fact that readers asked on the forums: Is good? We decided to collect information on our own and make an overview as clear and concise as possible for you so that you can share it with those who might be interested. The traditional table that will tell you why the company has the right to exist and what exactly is bad about it, you will see below.

The ability to use the free part of the contentAbsurdly high prices for this market
Fast delivery in case of orderMost of the literature is available free of charge in other services
The presence of an informative blogCustomer support is slow to respond
Some information is actually helpfulThe controversial need for the sale of such books in general
Availability of a convenient tool for searching literatureRare discounts

After describing to you what we saw and learned at, we wanted to give you a short and quick idea of ​​the work done. We believe that such illustrative examples help you with your own conclusions and put a kind of an end to the overall work.

Conclusions of the review

It makes absolutely no sense to pay money for additional materials provided by the company of, and some of the users considered the fact of selling existing data in the public domain as disrespectful to them. Considering that a lot of information is provided free of charge, you can use literature for your own self-development, but no more. Obviously, the company tried to get its users interested in collecting free literature and try to sell some of it, but as you noticed from the reviews, is not a successful company.

It is important to know which services are trusted

All of us can come for the services of a company with the hope that there we will find what we need. We can spend more than one hour studying literature they have or trying to understand; for example like in this case, Is legal? But sometimes, when we need answers to questions, we make decisions too quickly to trust someone to get help. It often happens that companies disappoint us for some reason, ranging from poor service, not meeting promises, and ending with deceiving customers in general.

But how not become part of someone else’s deception and not fall into the trap of companies trying to make money from students looking for answers? Trust our service because we regularly review companies that interest our readers. To stay protected in your needs, refer to the rating of the best and check the companies that are trusted by even more than one thousand students. By making the right choice, you provide yourself with an easier future!


Answering students’ questions, we gave many answers, such as whether is scam or not, what they can offer us, and whether it is necessary to use their services. We have prepared a short overview of the information we have told and answers to the most important questions for you in the following lines.

Does do legal activities?

In case of 100% absence of plagiarism and observance of copyrights, the company conducts legal activities. The company also declares that it has all the rights to engage in sales.

Is there any scam actions from

The company sells books that are freely available on the Internet. In a way, this is not a respectful attitude towards users.

How much does it cost to buy with

The prices for the literature sold by have different values. They can start at 20 dollars and end in a few hundred dollars.

Is my data and everything else safe with

Only the buyer itself is responsible for the transfer of his payment data. It is safe to use services but for informational purposes only.

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