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Welcome to the newest Essaytyper review, where you will find everything about this unique service. We bet that you have never tried anything similar before, so when using Essaytyper you may need brief guidelines and explanation. It is not a regular writing service, where a team of writers and editors completes your assignment. When opening the website, you immediately get access to a word processor with all the standard features. You can additionally choose the design: an old-fashioned or a modern one. Essaytyper allows completing essays and no other types of assignments are stated. Their website uses a certain algorithm, which suggests information that students can use in the writing process. However, Wikipedia is the source of such information, so before submitting the essay you should check whether it is free from plagiarism.

Quality of provided services

We decided to start our Essaytyper feedback by analyzing the quality of the completed papers. We are sure you’ll be highly surprised to find out the result!


When analyzing comments online we found out students claiming essaytyper not working. However, most of them were expecting a writer or manager to approach and offer assistance. While in reality the process is automatic and no one else is involved. There are simply no writers at EssayTyper, so you need to follow all the stages of creating an essay on your own. On the one hand, it is rather convenient because allows eliminating human errors. But this service won’t suit students, who simply want to place an order and forget about the task.


To test the service, we decided to write a history essay, which is one of the most common topics worldwide. We have chosen World War II, which had lots of articles on Wikipedia, so there shouldn’t be any problems with finding relevant data.

When we started typing the essay, this service began adding words and sentences from Wikipedia. However, we couldn’t edit what appeared on the screen. This software collects information and shows it in your essay. References and tagging are deleted, so you get a ready text without unnecessary details. The only disadvantage that we could find is that it doesn’t allow writing an original sheet because the content comes word for word with Wikipedia. Thus, you will later need to paraphrase the essay or at least check it on plagiarism software.

Essaytyper is a great tool for shaping a personal view on the topic and getting comprehensive information without a need to surf multiple websites. However, if you are after a written from scratch essay that doesn’t require any efforts, this service may not be the best choice.

Customer’s Support

Considering that this service is free to use, we didn’t expect to find any live chat or email. However, they do have a Twitter account. So, if you want to have essaytyper unblocked, to leave a comment or simply to follow their latest news, the only way is subscribing to the official Twitter account.

Financial Issue

Students don’t have much money, so it becomes a real challenge to find an experienced writing service with low fees and different extra features. Let’s see whether Essaytyper can boast affordable prices.


Luckily, this software is completely free to use, so you can craft an essay without spending a cent. However, this means that you will have to do most of the job on your own and there won’t be a chance to choose a top writer, editing or more complex types of assignments. But who cares if you can craft an essay for free?

Payment variants and discounts

Considering that essaytyper free services are available to each and every one, there are no payment options on the website, as well as no discounts or special offers. You already get everything for free, so don’t have to beg customer support for a discount.

Special Offers

We couldn’t find any special deals or offers on the website. However, the whole system is straightforward and it is a pleasure using their software. Thus, we weren’t disappointed by the fact that there are no special features waiting for us at Essaytyper.

Usability matters

Usability may not be the first thing that crosses your mind when evaluating a writing service but students have different academic levels, so it is important to create clear and understandable software.

Design of the website

Essaytyper mobile and desktop versions are rather straightforward and clear. Even if you lack computer skills and are using the platform for the first time, it’s very easy to start creating an essay. The colors re plain and don’t distract students from the goal.

How to place an order

To get an essay you just need to choose the topic. Then a word document will open in your browser and you’ll be able to start typing immediately. All the formatting tools are available as well, so you can immediately change text appearance and style. There is also a chance to insert formulas, charts, and graphics.

Meeting the deadlines

Considering that you are the only author of an essay and create it on your own, delivery time depends on your own skills and speed. Make sure to start writing the essay in advance if you want to get a high grade.


Essaytyper plagiarism checker is absent, as well as there is no button for downloading the essay. Thus, we couldn’t find any extra features apart from various formatting instruments already built into the processor.


Reliability always comes first. When choosing a writing service, we check reviews and read comments, and only then decide whether it’s worth our time or not. Let’s find out whether Essaytyper has devoted users.


Our essaytyper review would be incomplete if we didn’t mention its online reputation. There are both positive and negative comments on the web but positive ones still outnumber those, which are unsatisfied with the result. However, most of the negative comments say that this software is rather outdated and the content quality is mediocre. But what should you expect from a free tool? For thousands of students, it is the only way to get a decent essay without spending money.

Guarantees and moneyback policy

You are probably used to the fact that writing companies have the following guarantees:

  • Money-back policy;
  • Free revisions;
  • Protection of personal data, etc.

However, considering that Essaytyper is free to use there are no guarantees available. Actually, the creator of this software reminds that you shouldn’t submit the received essay to the tutor without checking it on plagiarism and altering the content.


How does essaytyper work? What makes it unique? We have already answered these questions above and the only thing left is drawing a conclusion. Essaytyper may not be an option for those, who need professional academic assistance with writing a paper. 

However, it is a great instrument for students, who don’t have extra money but still must complete an urgent essay without a need to process multiple sources. Luckily, it is very easy to use the platform, so you don’t need any prior skills.

Get writing assistance from a professional academic service

Essaytyper is definitely a unique academic assistant and we would like to thank its creator for helping thousands of students worldwide with crafting all types of essays. No matter what your topic is, you can just start typing and the software will offer you phrases or even sentences with facts and data. 

Format the essay in the program, check it on plagiarism, and submit to the tutor. What can be simpler?

In case, your purpose is to get professionally written papers with zero plagiarism, turn to our list of best essay writing services and choose one, which meets all your needs.

What people say

  1. Katherine says:

    Essaytyper is a good writing website, and I will gladly return to it with other tasks. I like how everything is organized on their website and how friendly BayGross is.

  2. Simon says:

    At Essaytyper, users can expect decent papers. My college essay was completed with minor typos, but I easily fixed them myself without any harm to the quality.

  3. Wanda says:

    I am not sure if Essaytyper is a suitable option for assignments like research papers or theses, but their essays are good enough. Keep in mind that the content may not be unique.

  4. Jane says:

    Essaytyper is a popular service, which made me want to try it. I can’t say that I am very happy with the result, but at least it is legit, and I don’t have to wait for the result.

  5. Alan says:

    I like how bright and modern the Essaytyper website is. It contains all the features for convenience. It took me only a minute to get an essay.

  6. Andrea says:

    Unfortunately, I am disappointed with Essaytyper. My essay was plagiarized and contained multiple mistakes. Well, there’s no one to blame.

  7. Dylan says:

    If you worry about grades, don’t contact Essaytyper. This service uses only outdated sources, and Wikipedia is their limit. Don’t expect a great essay here.

  8. Liam says:

    Never use Essaytyper if you want to get the job done. My essay wasn’t accurate, contained multiple mistakes, and was useless.

  9. Connor says:

    I am extremely disappointed with Essaytyper. It is impossible to reach anyone if you have questions, and the quality of papers is very low. Don’t waste your time.

  10. Penelope says:

    All I got from Essaytyper is a plagiarized research paper. I don’t know what would have happened if I didn’t check the assignment on a free plagiarism software before submitting the assignment!

  11. Charles says:

    I don’t like that Essaytyper offers only limited services. If you have a more challenging assignment than an essay or a presentation, don’t waste your time on this website.

  12. Aaron says:

    Essaytyper is the wrong place if you need a quality essay. You get a generic paper and risk of being expelled for plagiarism.

  13. Michael says:

    I had an awful experience with Essaytyper. I don’t know anyone who uses this website – it’s outdated, and it is impossible to download essays.

  14. Trey says:

    Stay away from Essaytyper. The content is completely plagiarized, there are no customization features, and it runs poorly on smartphones.

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