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All students are periodically faced with the need to complete such homework as writing an essay. This means that you need to prepare a text with your own thoughts on any topic. Depending on the college, university or a specific subject, assignments can be very different. For example, in one essay you will need to compare two natural phenomena, and in another paper, you will have to give arguments in support of one of the points of view. This means that each student has his own strengths and weaknesses in writing an essay. Descriptive texts work out better for someone. And others can analyze literary works, research works, art objects and provide competent papers. Therefore, today there are a large number of platforms that help students with writing essays. One such platform is Grabmyessay. We decided to conduct a full-fledged study and understand how this platform really helps students, whether it is really high-quality and whether it can be trusted. And this is our grabmyessay review.

Grabmyessay.com Company Info

This company positions itself as a modern service designed to help students. At first glance, it seems that there is really a wide variety of services. They suggest writing academic papers for you, preparing a resume, essay, homework in mathematics or physics. They also offer corrector services for the proofreading of already written text. It seems that this platform has a large number of employees. After all, 5 people cannot equally well cope with all of these tasks. Such a variety is frightening right away because sometimes quantity cancels quality.

Quality Issue

In order to understand whether this website is really high-quality, We ordered essays for comparison and contrasting from them. We needed to compare and understand what is common and what is different between introverts and extroverts. At first glance, this topic seems very easy, so we expected that they would really help us and write an original essay. It is very easy to pick up banal arguments here, so we were hoping that a professional author would write this really creatively and show a new point of view on this issue. We were completely disappointed, as our author did not study this topic and did not even look at the files that we sent him. That author simply wrote the most template facts about introverts and extroverts, without conducting the deep analysis. Moreover, we can say that there was no thorough proofreading of the text because our essay contained serious errors. We found some of them, but most likely others remained. Since we’re not a professional editor, we can’t calculate all our mistakes by reading the text. So, is Grabmyessay good?Definitely not!

When we wrote about this problem in technical support, the manager for a long time did not believe me. They assured us that they have very professional authors who simply cannot make mistakes. But still, we managed to verify our text and some of the errors corrected me. Of course, we can hope that these were all mistakes, but we have no guarantee. Therefore, we was also unsatisfied with the quality of customer support. we had to explain the situation to them many times before they finally decided to understand.

Money Issue

Many other modern sites offer clear and understandable price lists. You just choose the type of paper that you need and get the exact price. On the Grabmyessay, you need to fill out a whole calculator. You need to indicate the type of paper, indicate its volume, indicate some additional values, and only after that, they will tell you the approximate grabmyessay cost. Also, the cost varies depending on the timing. Personally, the price seemed unreasonably high to me, especially after we received bad paper. We believe that you can pay a lot of money for a really high-quality essay for the writing of which a lot of research has been done. But this is definitely not the case! Therefore, we believe that our money was wasted. Also, on Grabmyessay, they promise a grabmyessay discount for customers who order here for the first time. But our promotional code just didn’t work. The customer support manager replied that this was a temporary error. Nevertheless, when we received the finished work, no one returned our money to me. therefore, we can say that the discounts here are only for bait customers and in fact, they do not work.

Usability Issue

We should understand the idea that they cannot offer a high-quality paper when we’ve just opened this page. The site is really very inconvenient. There is a lot of extra information, extra lines, fields. Colors do not fit together. We want it to be literally in a few minutes on an intuitive system. But this site does not offer such an opportunity. This page was definitely not designed in the 21st century. Is this a guarantee that they did not save on professional authors? We were waiting for a new page to open and the files to load. It just disappoints.

Trustworthy Issue

Another point that raises doubts is the decency of the creators of this site. On the one hand, they claim that they have official registration, but on the other hand, if you have any doubts is grabmyessay legit, then most likely they are true. To verify this, it is enough to study reviews on independent platforms on the Internet. You can just google something like Grabmyessay Reddit. Of course, there are some students who write satisfied reviews, but we suspect that these testimonials were bought. Most students leave a negative opinion about this platform and do not recommend anyone to use it. At best, you will receive an essay that does not meet your requirements. But what if they write for you a paper with plagiarism for an hour before the deadline? You just submit this essay and ruin your academic reputation. Therefore, if you still make an order, do it in advance so that you have time to give an essay to another author for alteration.

We want also to remind that we have received a low-quality essay and counted on the fact that they will correct it for us or return the money. They didn’t want to wear any changes for a long time and only when we threatened that we would sue and demand the return of all the money with compensation, they agreed to re-read our essay. Thus, they do not have an automatic refund and you cannot count on it. If you have problems with the paper, you will have to involve law enforcement agencies in this. Most students do not want to get involved in this, and therefore simply lose their money because of grabmyessay cheating.


We would really like to recommend this service to students since we understand how important it is today to get competent qualified help. But following our experience, we cannot give such a recommendation for grabmyessay scam. Our final rating is 1.2 out of 5. This is very, very bad. We believe that the creators of this site are either scammers or very irresponsible people.

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In fact, you do not need to despair and think that all web sites are like Grabmyessay. In fact, there are many interesting and useful services with good design, a lot of useful information, as well as professional authors. You will find a list of the best services on this page and you can place an order in any of them. Your essay will be written taking into account all the requirements and wishes. And you are guaranteed to receive an A-grade at a college or university.