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If you don’t want to get an average essay or lose your money, you must think twice before ordering any academic paper at Grademiners. This is a legal writing company but there is something you should know about its services. Company Info

The company called Grademiners is quite famous among college students. It proposes them to prepare different kinds of academic papers for all grades and topics. For instance, book reviews, essays, lab reports, case studies, and so on.

According to the official statements, this writing platform aims to help young people in their educational progress and set them free from numerous complications with professors. But unfortunately, everything is not so easy as official statements.

That’s why the Grademiners reviews and conclusions will be your great help in making decisions should you order papers there or not. The point is this writing company has quite a controversial reputation. On the one hand, customers say the papers are okay. On the other hand, they report about Grademiners cheating and irresponsible approach in cooperation. So, let’s see where the truth hides.

Quality Issue

The quality of papers is average. But the biggest problem appears when you get your essay. Your writer may refuse to make revisions, so you must seek for someone else or edit your paper by yourself. As a result, you can spend a lot of money and time, but do not get a full service.

Quality of Writers

One of the most important criteria of a professional writer is its skills in English. Customers pay money and expect to get a native-speaking producer for their task assignments. Looking for the Grademiner’s official website, you can see the page with the team description and your potential writers’ photo. But if you check these people on Facebook or via Google pictures search, you will make sure they do not exist. At least they do not work on this website. So, there is a serious possibility of the work of non-native English writers.

Content Quality

But let’s be fair: the customer shouldn’t be obsessed like a Sherlock Holmes. He aims to get a high-quality paper, and it doesn’t matter who will perform it.

In general, the results of Grademiners job is not so bad. They can prepare an essay for you and demonstrate that the company is not a scam. Of course, the paper will not get an A+ and maybe even a B, because there is a lack of informative content and research methods. So, think if it is enough for you or not.

Customer Support

This company has customer support for customers. It seems good but only for new clients. If you have already paid for an academic paper, then don’t expect attention. Managers usually do dot response such messages and ignore you until you decide to handle your issue by yourself.

Money Issue

In general, the Grademiners pricing looks good. The price for a paper starts from $14 that is normal for writing papers. But it is not in reason to expect them to follow their words.


Most reviews share one common problem: people have ended with paying more money they were said during the order process. For instance, the price of $14 is available only for school essays. If you need a college paper, it will cost more. If you need more than one page, the final sum will also grow. So pay your attention to numbers.

As a result, prices seem quite affordable at the very first sight, but with extra dollars, in addition, you will pay more than you expected. It is the shameless side of this company. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be fair and reliable for students. 

Payment Options

They accept Visa, Mastercard, and 2 additional payment methods. It is a very small array for a customer. But remember that available payment methods don’t confirm is Grademiners legit or not.


If you scroll the homepage of the Grademiners website, you will be proposed with a 15% off on your first order. The current Grademiners promo code is first15. Remember, that you can’t get this offer without effort. The company requires you to register, share your email and other personal data, and type a code before finishing order. Such a procedure means that you allow the website sending you emails. This silent agreement could make you receiving spam.

Special Offers

This company proposes rewriting as one of the numerous facilities. Inexperienced students can misunderstand this feature and considered it as a special offer. But in real life, this type of writing demonstrates the low level of paper quality. It means, that experts at this website just rewrite the other writers’ texts and do not produce original ideas.

Usability Issue

The Grademiners Reddit users said that the usability of this website in the best they have. In addition, it doesn’t mean the quality of the ordering process is on the high level, but the absence of quality in academic papers will make you confused. Let’s find out more about the usability issue.

Website’s Design

The website is pleasant and has an intuitive interface. It contains general information about the company, its advantages, warranties, statistic information, several pre-written reviews, and so on. It works fast, so you can visit the website with a laptop, a personal computer, or a mobile gadget.

Ordering Process

To place an order, you must firstly click a button ‘order’ in the right upper corner on the main page. There are 3 steps to make. In the first step, you explain the type of work, the subject, the academic level, and the deadline. The system will propose you 3 options in choosing a writer: best available for free, TOP writer for additional several dollars per page, or Premium writer for 2 times more tax per page. The second step means additional paper details where the user can share special requirements. In the final third step, you will choose extra services.

Timely Delivery

The deadline for each paper is determined by the particularities of task assignment and customer’s desire. In most cases, writers deliver essays on time, but delays happen.

Extra Features

The specific feature of this company is an option to make an order without registering. You are able to ask for a consultation and send a request in a very short time and without sharing own personal is good, but not a truth for 100%. Remember, that making payments means to use your banking account, so a piece of your personal information will be published. This is not a disadvantage but a misunderstanding or intentional manipulation of customers’ minds.

There is no special feature you can order there. The list of all services is quite standard. You can order a resume, cover letter, essay, review, or another well-known academic task.

Trustworthy Issue

People tend to believe other people. So dishonest and irresponsible companies use such a situation. All they want is to earn money, so perform services just to make a user-pay. Let’s see can you trust Grademiners or not.


The company claims to reach a 96% satisfaction rate at the moment. Sounds amazing, but unfortunately it is not true. If you read several reviews on other websites, you will mostly see negative feedbacks with the score 1-2/5. The math doesn’t work: no one could get an almost total satisfaction rate with such bad reviews. So, the conclusion is not pleasant: Grademiners scam does exist. This company lies to its new customers, so its word doesn’t cost a penny

Guarantees, Moneyback Policy, etc.

Since there are a lot of negative reviews about Grademiners, all potential customers need to see their customer policy and guaranties. It’s pleasant to know, that the student can claim a refund for 14 days after receiving it. But be careful not to download the paper before you accept it. Once you downloaded a file, you can’t report for a refund. Also, there would be a hard job for you to evidence of the bad work for receiving your money back. In addition, if you have established your truth, be ready to wait for your money 2-4 weeks.

Revisions are also free there. But the writing platform allows choosing only a new author to make your edits. Unfortunately, you can’t reach your previous producer for this important job.


When you visit the Grademiners website for the first time, it looks very nice and pleasant. You can see 19 paper types they can perform for you and start believing its promises. But unfortunately, there are more disadvantages than advantages. Be aware of poor quality, lies, frustration, and other unpleasant feelings.

Get Writing Help from Trusted Essay Company

You should better seek for another writing company that can handle your academic task and is your reliable assistant in writing. There is a list of trustworthy writing platforms for students you may use. It contains the basic description and fair reviews about TOP websites. Be sure, they will perform the high-quality papers for you!

What people say

  1. Drew says:

    I decided to contact Grademiners because my boyfriend had a positive experience with them. I really like the fact that they deal with tens of assignments and have a beautiful website, but my essay contained lots of mistakes.

  2. Joann says:

    If you need a professional academic helper, Grademiners is probably not the best option. Their writers are foreigners, and when I asked for any background information or proofs of prior working experience, they stopped answering.

  3. David says:

    I placed an order at the Grademiners website in a few minutes because everything is clear and simple. Unfortunately, that was the only positive thing about the platform, and I faced lots of problems on the way to getting a decent paper. I will never contact them again.

  4. Bruce says:

    When contacting a new writing service, I immediately pay attention to the bonuses they offer. At Grademiners, I couldn’t find any, and considering that the prices are quite high, I don’t think that this service deserves attention.

  5. Tim says:

    Everything was wrong with Grademiners from the start: the absence of customer support, poor software, and security issues. When placing an order, be ready that someone may get access to your data, and you’ll lose not only personal data but also money.

  6. Daryl says:

    The assigned writer failed to deliver a quality paper. Even though Grademiners claim to work only with experienced authors, my writer had poor English and didn’t know MLA formatting peculiarities.

  7. Melinda says:

    If you need a research paper, coursework, dissertation, or any other difficult assignment, stay away from Grademiners. They are not able to deal with complex tasks. My research paper was awful, and I got a very low grade. It was so embarrassing!

  8. Shayla says:

    I have a very strict literature teacher who never allows submitting papers if the deadline is missed. Unfortunately, Grademiners did exactly the same – they failed to submit my essay on time, and I failed in the class.

  9. Dorothy says:

    My Grademiners order was stuffed with plagiarized sections, and they didn’t want to send me a plagiarism report. I wrote the essay myself not to risk and will definitely stay as far as possible from the platform.

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