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That homeworkforyou review is about a pretty specific paper writing service that differs from the rest of them in the market. We have found some perks of using it, as well as some disadvantages. So let’s take a detailed look at them.

Homeworkforyou.com Company Info

Homework For You is not just a custom essay writing service, it is very different. When using it, you should fill in the service, the deadline, and make your bet – how much you want to pay for it.

After that, you just wait for who will accept the bid and will write your essay. Is homeworkforyou legit? – You may wonder now. We hope so, but let us consider all the aspects of this essay writing company so you could make the right conclusion.

If you browse their site, you will not find any list of services there. It is up to their customers. Thus, you submit your assignment and state the price. If there are suitable writers, your order will be accepted.

Quality Issue

Now as we know how the company works, it all looks like a lottery – if there is a writer who can write your paper and accept your price, you will get your essay. But if not, you will need to search for another service. So is homeworkforyou safe and what about the quality?

Quality of Writers

It is crucial to know who will write your paper for you. The site says that they have about 50 writers working for them, 15 of them are UK citizens. 19 writers hold Master’s degrees and 9 writers have PhDs.

Since the service is a UK-based company, it is strange that only 15 writers are from the UK. The number of writers is also not very big and as a rule, an average writing service contains at least 100 constant workers.

Content Quality

We have ordered a casual college essay for the minimum price of $20. However, there were no suitable writers and we had to increase the bid twice. After the price reached $40, we started to get proposals from writers.

We must admit the delivery was delayed a bit and the quality was far from being perfect. It looked like just a rewritten article from one of the Internet sources. No one seemed to care about the instructions we provided from the very beginning. It was also clear that our writer was not a native English-speaker; it was obvious from the manner of writing and a vast number of mistakes in the text.

Customer Support

It is quite weird but there is not much contact information on their site. There is no live chat or email, as well as phone number stated on their landing page. We found it pretty difficult to find the way how to get in touch with their representatives.

The only thing you can come across is the Contact link at the bottom of the landing page that will redirect you to fill in the contact form. You have to wait for ages while they get back to you by email. Very inconvenient. Customer support needs improvement and could be much more responsive and helpful.

Money Issue

Now let’s talk about the next important aspect of writing service – about the prices and pleasant offers.


Well, homeworkforyou prices are unknown, so it’s difficult to say about them. You won’t find a pricing calculator and anything like that on their site. The price of your essay is up to you only. You can start from as cheap as $1 but keep in mind that it will take you forever to wait for your writer in that case.

You might need to increase your bid a couple of times before someone wants to start working on your paper.

Payment Options

The payment options accepted are as follows:

  • VISA;
  • American Express;
  • MasterCard;
  • PayPal.

It is necessary to mention that writing services do not often accept PayPal, so this is quite a good modern option and it is nice they offer it.


As you could probably guess, HomeworkForYou doesn’t offer any discounts for newcomers. They give you a right to select your price and that’s the main discount you could ever get.

Special Offers

It is quite disappointing that HomeworkForYou doesn’t offer any special offers or bonus systems. Returning customers usually want to be rewarded and only then, they may become loyal to a certain service.

They have special offers for writers though, you can become a homeworkforyou tutor right on their site, as easy as you can become their customer.

Usability Issue

The site of that service is pretty nice and laconic. So find out whether it is convenient and user-friendly.

Website’s Design

Frankly speaking, we liked the design of their site. There is no too much information as on other similar sites and it is pretty easy to use. We can say the colors are very eye-pleasant and everything is easy to navigate. You can find all the necessary information quite quickly, so there are no drawbacks.

Ordering Process

If you want to order from HomeworkForYou, you will need to do it very easily, too. Just select your assignment type, state the deadline, and submit your bid. And that’s it, very easy and hassle-free.

However, now you have to wait for someone to reply to your offer. It all looks like a site for freelancers where everyone can choose what he wants to work on and make his own offers. We do not know whether it is good or bad, it is just different from others.

But if your bid is too low, you will not get any offers most likely and will have to increase your price until there is someone willing to start working on your essay or research paper.

Timely Delivery

The company promises on-time delivery only. However, our essay was a bit delayed. It is not crucial when you have time but when you want to have it the soonest because you procrastinated and have to submit your essay tomorrow, it is a problem.

Extra Features

One of the extra features offered by that company is a Refer a friend feature. Yes, you can refer a friend and get some bonuses for it. This is not a special offer or discount, but a nice referring system.

Trustworthy Issue

There are different reviews of their customers all over the Internet, so we have checked it on our own.


Homeworkforyou rating on different sites is quite controversial. There are some very positive reviews, as well as some negative ones. We personally do not think it is a scam. It is rather a not very convenient system of work that may not meet the demands of everyone.

First of all, anyone can easily become a homeworkforyou tutor so we have doubts about the quality of writers. Moreover, the delivery delays and paper quality are not the best options offered for your money.

So they have gained a reputation of a pretty cheap writing service that doesn’t bother to provide good quality.

Guarantees, Moneyback Policy, etc.

Before using the services, you should check their terms and conditions while they state that:

  • They do not guarantee that the services will meet your requirements;
  • The services you use will be secure or error-free;
  • Any information you get in the process of using their services will be accurate or reliable.

It looks like there is no clear guarantee of their quality, so, there is nothing to complain about when you get your poorly written paper.


Homeworkforyou plagiarism and poor quality of their content don’t allow us to tell this is a perfect writing service.


  • You can select any price you wish;
  • You can get bonuses for referring a friend;
  • The site is very user-friendly.


  • Poor quality of content;
  • Delivery delays;
  • Non-English speaking writers;
  • Non-responsive customer support.

Get Writing Help from Trusted Essay Company

If you want to select your own price for your paper, then Homeworkforyou is one of the best services for that, but the quality of the content and delivery issues have to make you consider other, more reliable options.

Choose one of the following paper writing services that have gained a great reputation among students from different countries thanks to their pricing and quality policies. We recommend choosing experience and reputation over experiments.

What people say
about homeworkforyou.com

  1. Matt says:

    Homeworkforyou is a writing service that I trust. They are very helpful and answer my questions even when it’s late. And special thanks for a good-looking website!

  2. Gabrielle says:

    Homeworkforyou is not the best academic helper that I have tried, but they never miss the deadlines. Choose them only if you have a simple homework and don’t expect the highest grades.

  3. Ernest says:

    I can’t say anything positive about Homeworkforyou. They were very late with responding, and I couldn’t track progress along the way. Not recommended to students who want to get quality services.

  4. Cynthia says:

    I think that Homeworkforyou has very high prices for rather mediocre quality. In addition, they don’t have any discounts. I won’t return to this company.

  5. Colin says:

    Homeworkforyou is a scam! They took my money and stopped answering messages. I never received the homework I have ordered, and no one returned my money.

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