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The essay is a key element of the educational process. Teachers believe that if students practice writing essays every week, these skills will come in handy when creating more complex projects: term papers, dissertations, research papers, etc. The essay teaches how to structure the text, express opinions logically properly, and format quotes. In the essay, you have to confirm the thesis statement. This element scares most of the students since to prove your opinion, and you need to study a lot of literature and collect arguments.

For this reason, students get the impression that they do not have a gift for writing, the necessary skills, and knowledge. Many of you turn to experts, and this is the right decision. However, some students prefer to buy ready-made essays. Today some platforms provide essays on any topic – you pay, download and rewrite.

One of these platforms is There are a lot of scam rumors around the company of To make sure how honest the services of this company are, we wrote a review. From this article, you will learn about warranties, support, services, online reputation, pricing, plagiarism at Thanks to such a wide range of criteria, we will be able to make an honest verdict.

What Is

Megaessays is an essay writing help website. To access the essay, you need to pay. However, there are no writers here who would take into account your requirements and wishes. Megaessays collects essays on a variety of topics in the library. These are templates that show you how your paper should look. It is also a place where you can get inspired by ideas from other authors.

How long has the company existed? Megaessays do not disclose the date of foundation or the actual location. Therefore, we are ready to answer the most popular question – Is legal? No, because we cannot check this website in the unified register of companies. Megaessays created a website to attract students’ attention, and in addition to the main income from buying an essay, it receives money for visiting traffic. Their goal is to make money but not help you with your academic performance.

What can we say about the design? A non-creative programmer ran the website. There are no colorful pictures, unique data about the work of the company, or reviews. The primary colors are white, orange, and blue. The website is easy to use, but the design is outdated.


The company provides only one service – a library of ready-made essays. They have collected over 85,000 essays, according to Here you can find papers on the following sciences:

  • Art.
  • Literature.
  • Business.
  • History.
  • Movie.
  • Novels.
  • Music.
  • Technology.
  • Politics.
  • Sociology.
  • Other sciences.

The list of disciplines is quite extensive, and this is one of the advantages of among its competitors. If you need admission essays, then the company has collected such papers for various professions in the library.

One interesting fact we noticed is that: the company claims to be the only website that updates its essay library every day. The home page has a list of topics that managers published today. However, we visited the website for several days in a row and did not notice any changes in the library. Therefore, this statement is cheating. Essays are rarely updated. Discounts and Pricing

If you want to find the price list quickly, then you will not succeed. This is another sign that the company is carefully hiding any information about itself. Why? Perhaps this is due to competition – does not want other companies to see their prices. Darkening is very inconvenient and unsuccessful from the marketing side. According to statistics, if a person does not see the prices for services, then it is more likely that he will leave the website.

How do you find out the cost of services? The company will invite you to register. Next, you will see three plans:

  • Basic – $ 19.95. By purchasing this plan, you will have 30 days of access to a library of essays and 500-word critical articles. Subscription is carried out once a month.
  • Plus – $ 39.95. The company cites this plan as the most popular. You will have 90 days of access to a library of essays and 1500-word critical articles. Subscription is carried out once every three months.
  • PRO – $ 59.95. You will have 180 days of access to a library of essays and 3000-word critical articles by purchasing this plan. Subscription is carried out once for half a year.

How about the promo code? Unfortunately, you will not be able to get discounts on services. Even regular customers have no privileges. The prices are really low, and the company decided not to provide great deals. However, there are cheaper alternatives to mega or free ones. For example, you can contact your teacher and access essays written by students in past years. You will also be able to understand the structure yourself and be inspired, just like

Payment Method and Order Form

As you already understood, to pay for services without registration, you will not succeed. To register, you need an email and password. However, the system does not accept all emails. For example, we managed to register through the platform Gmail – the previous three attempts were unsuccessful. As soon as you sign up, the company will offer three plans – above we have described their cost and benefits.

For services payment, you will need the following data: name and surname, card number, CVV, card validity period – month/year. Thus, you can see that the company provides only one payment method – debit or credit cards. You cannot use online wallets for better security. Note that the company cooperates with Business Verified Trust Guard. Although the company has a successful reputation, is not responsible for all payment changes, additional commissions, etc.

Special Features For Customers

Megaessays does not offer any special customer services other than the ones we have described above. The only difference between these plans is the access period – 1, 2, or 6 months. Regardless of the plan, you have access to all essays. The company also offers critical articles  – this is a kind of essay, and we cannot classify them as additional services. However, the more expensive your plan is, the more critical articles you have at your disposal.

Reputation and Quality

Is good? To answer this question, we turned to review websites where students share their impressions of working with We first examined Sitejabber – this is the most trusted platform. Unfortunately, we did not find a single review of this company.

We then explored the Reddit. There are also no reviews about the quality of services. Therefore, without real customer reviews, we cannot say for sure whether is good. The only thing we were able to find were reviews from other experts. Based on their analysis, all experts assess no higher than 3. Therefore, the online reputation is not the highest. In addition, the platform is very far away in search results.

What about paper quality and plagiarism? Well, we found a lot of grammatical, punctuation, and stylistic errors in the samples. Papers are not particularly creative. Plagiarism is present in the texts. When checking some articles, we found over 60% of plagiarism. At first, we thought that maybe the students were sharing these texts and therefore had such a problem.

When analyzing websites that the program has flagged as plagiarism, we found that the authors used Wikipedia and research papers from scientists. They don’t understand anything about the formatting of a quote. If you were to rewrite their essays, the teacher would send the article back for revision, and it would not be good for your academic reputation.

Therefore, we strongly recommend not to waste money on low-quality essays. Instead, seek help from professional writers, and you can increase your chances of getting an A +. If this is not possible, use the essay writing guides or teachers’ advice.

Customer Support

There is no 24/7 support service here. The only way to get feedback is by email. Through a special form, you can ask a question or report a problem. In the form, you need to specify: name, surname, email, username, password, subscription ID. We were confused by two aspects: the password and the subscription ID. Why do they need this information? By transferring such data, you run the risk of running out of money since the company can get access to the card number and personal account. The company informs that it will consider your message within 24 hours. However, when we wrote to the support team, we received a response three days later. Therefore, if you urgently need to solve a problem, you can not count on quick help. You can also read the section with frequently asked questions. However, the questions are typical, and you will not find the answer to more complex questions.

Guarantees – Can I get my money back?

The company does not provide any money-back guarantee. They think that you saw part of the essay and, therefore, could assess the quality of the papers in advance. However, they do not report that the first half of the essay and the second half of the essay may differ significantly. Such a move indicates that the company is trying in every possible way to lure money out of you, sacrificing the essay quality. There are no other guarantees here either. Therefore, you are taking a significant risk by trusting them with your money.

Pros and Cons

We have evaluated the company according to many criteria. Megaessays have both disadvantages and advantages. Let’s sum it up:

Extensive list of topics.The company hides its real location and year of foundation.
The website is easy to use.Website design is outdated.
Low cost of services.The company is cheating that it updates the essay library every day.
Over 85,000 essays.There are no discounts.
There are critical articles.The quality of the papers is poor.
No money-back guarantee.
No 24/7 support service.


We thoroughly analyzed the company in many aspects and wrote an honest review. We cannot say for sure how long the company has been in existence, but the lack of customer reviews indicates that the website is unpopular. Moreover, there is no information about who creates these essays – based on the quality, and we are sure that these are not teachers or scientists with an academic degree. You can get these templates free of charge from your teacher or search on the Internet. It would help if you didn’t overpay for plagiarized papers. Therefore, our final verdict is 2.7/5.

Choose a Trusted Service

How do you find a reliable company to help with academic assignments? We have been evaluating different companies for many years and have compiled a list of firms that provide guarantees, have assembled a team of professionals, and are ready to support around the clock. Therefore, study this list before trusting scammers. If our list does not contain the company you liked, let us know, and we will carefully check it.


Do you have questions about We have answered frequently asked questions about this company to help you make your final choice about cooperation.

Is Legit?

The website hides information about the date of foundation, location, and price list. Perhaps it is a matter of competitors, or is an unofficially registered company and is evading taxes by working illegally.

Is Scam?

No. However, you won’t get high-quality essays without plagiarism. They collect ready-made essays from different sources.

How much does it cost to use

To access the essay library, you need to choose one of the subscription plans:

  • Basic – $ 19.95.
  • Plus – $ 39.95.
  • PRO – $ 59.95.

Each of them differs by the period of access to the essay and the presence of critical articles.

Is my safe?

If you want to get feedback from managers, they ask for a password and subscription ID. By transferring this data to them, you risk losing access to a personal account. Moreover, the company can get access to the cards and write off additional money from there. Therefore, is not secure.

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