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 slow and responsive support service; delays in the delivery of documents; average quality of papers

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February, 2022 Last Update

The last few years have dictated to us new conditions and requirements for training. Now we not only read e-books and write lectures on our computer but also go through online lessons in all their possible versions. This type of learning is increasingly entering our lives, not only because technology is developing but also because we still have to stay at home. People are spending more and more time educating themselves, which is amazing. But sometimes, you have too many online lessons and homework assignments and just can’t get through them. To solve this problem, companies such as were created. How good it is, we tell you in this review.

What Is the has existed for 11 years and has a team of educated professionals who know how modern education works. In compiling reviews from scratch, we learned that this company provides the opportunity for you to order them to complete your online classes, homework, and projects. What does it mean, and how do they explain it? invites you to transfer your account data to their specialists, and they, in turn, will do all the necessary tasks. This means that they will pass and complete your online classes, complete all exams and provide you with the final result. The company declares that they are excellent specialists and focuses on the fact of confidentiality and respect for copyright. In fact, this service is quite risky for trusting a third party since there are quite large chances that this deception will be revealed. review of services

This company, like other online companies, provides certain services for students and people who decide to improve their qualifications or acquire new skills through studying additional courses. The list of their services includes complete online classes for you, any kind of homework, and projects. In fact, if you have an assignment, promises to provide a specialist who is competent in the matter.

Alas, the company does not provide a list of the services themselves and only gives a vague general concept to their users about what they can do for you. This is a rather inconvenient fact for users because when you choose a service, you expect to see a list on which your further actions will be based. pricing policy and discounts

The company has a very specific pricing policy, but unfortunately, no numbers are provided on their website. To find out the price, you need to describe the required back-end products and send the form, after which the company will contact you and name the numbers for your case. In general, prices are based on the following criteria:

  • Topic and level of difficulty in completing your assignment. It is quite a logical criterion that each company implements. But alas, it doesn’t sound specific.
  • Duration of the course to be taken. If you order online courses, the price will be based on how many days they last.
  • The amount of work done. Namely: the amount of homework, the number of exams and other things. Of course, if it takes a few weeks, don’t expect low prices for a service.
  • Deadline. If you want your order to start being fulfilled today, the price will increase.
  • So, the company asks you to form responses to previous positions and only then call them.

As for the promo code, this is a thing that doesn’t exist. The company only gives you the opportunity to save money on services in another way. Talking about themselves, the company is of the opinion that they will better pay you for advertising than, for example, to companies that do it professionally. So, for every person you refer to them, gives you 50 dollars, which you can spend on using their services.

The process of placing an order and payment

The order form is quite simple, and you leave your contact information, describe your task in a free form and upload your existing files. After this procedure, the company calls you to tell you how much such a service will cost and to agree on the details with you. After that, you proceed to the payment stages and directly to the classes itselfs.

We are very wary of companies that do not provide information and do not provide numbers to users but do so only with a personal call. This leads us to believe that the scam is hidden behind this. You are free to pay for your services after talking with consultants on the means of transferring money to their bank account.

Features available on

Sitting down to study each company, we are always interested in what useful or profitable we can still get by applying for their services. In this case, unfortunately, we did not find any extra features among the services of this company and tried to study reddit reviews from existing clients of the company, but we also did not find any additional information on this topic.

What the company itself describes is the fact that any service you require can be performed from A to Z by their professional staff. In general, the general appearance of the company and their way of working with clients does not allow us to draw conclusions about their extensive experience in this market. Customer loyalty is quite poor, so don’t expect to get something extra at the end of the story.

Quality and Reputation

Regarding two important topics, such as reputation and quality of service, this topic should also be highlighted separately in our article. Even at the initial stage of studying reviews, we encountered the problem of plagiarism. Students say that the company copies the services of other major representatives of the market and their style of work.

Once again, this pushes us to the conclusion that either the company was actually created not so long ago, as they claim, or that unqualified people work in their team. In this case, it is worth answering the question: is cheating or not. Unfortunately, in practice, the company does not have a real proven track record that they could be proud of.

Helpfulness of Customer Support

This company’s customer support cannot provide you with 24/7 access to them. They work only a limited number of hours per day, namely from 09:00 to 21:00 EST. This is a huge disadvantage of such online services since we all know that in most cases studies have deadlines that can not wait until the morning.

Sitejabber discussions tell us about the big disappointment of students in this fact. Some of them have opted for other online services for this very reason. As for the speed of response to the placed order, the support service will send you a written confirmation of your order immediately.

Money back guarantees

Talking about the money-back function, they also do not provide any clear information or conditions under which they can return your money to you. Again, the reason for this may be the fact that the company has not thought through all the possible problems that may arise, or they do not care about the calmness and confidence of the customers in general itself.

We posted our homework and talked with consultants to understand what we can expect from their services. After they told us about the cost of the service, we clarified whether we could cancel the order in case of dissatisfaction or non-compliance with our order.

To this request, the consultant only told us that this should not happen and we will definitely be satisfied with their work. Our general recommendation is to look for cheaper alternatives to, giving you more confidence and guarantees as a user.

Positive and negative sides of being a customer of

Throughout the article, we tried to understand and answer the question: Is good? There are many points, the answers to which we had to look for on our own. In the process of creating an article, we answered the most common of them and formed our own opinion, which will be illustrated to you in the form of a table.

Company provides you with the ability to not attend your own online classes at allLack of pricing information
Confidentiality guaranteedHaving received a discount is possible only by bringing one more client with you
The company knows how to make sure that their IP is not possible to trackLimited hours of support
A quick start to work on your orderLack of a complete list of services
Simple order formAvailability of plagiarism reviews

There is no doubt that there are no ideal companies and we always need to choose based on our own needs and whether the company can meet them. This situation shows that the cons of can create some problems for you. Always make decisions based on your own expectations and requirements.

General conclusions about

Using the services of the company is quite simple. But this only makes sense if you do not need someone to exceed your expectations by providing you with certain educational services. By saying this, we mean that the company will complete your task but will not do it quite well, and most likely, when doing it, they will take information from someone’s already completed homework.

Their website does not have enough information that students are interested in, so you will have to find out all the points that interest you on your own. The quality of the company’s work is quite average, as well as the attitude towards users in general. If your task is not fateful, you can give a chance to complete it.

Choose a trusted service with our help

Ask yourself how important it is for you to do your homework at a high level. If you are someone for whom quality is a priority, then choosing a proven service will be the best solution. We do not end up creating reviews for you to help you make the best choice.

By forming an independent opinion, you guarantee yourself success in the near future and save your own money. And we are pleased to invite you to read our other articles and an overall rating of the best services that are available to any of us.

Frequently asked questions and answers to them

The company of, unfortunately does not provide answers to all the questions that users have. By doing our own research, we will answer some of them based on the information we found.

Is legal?

The company’s actions involve cheating and passing your online classes instead of you. This means the substitution of your personality for the personality of a company specialist. is a scam or a trusted company? is a scam at some point only due to the substitution of your personality. These services need to be treated with caution.

What are the prices of

The company does not indicate prices for its services. To find out the price, you must place an order and expect a call from support.

Can I feel safe by using

Using their services is not 100% safe. When placing an order with them, you should think about all the pros and cons beforehand.

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