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an extensive list of services; convenient order form; the minimum writing period is 4 hours; normal paper quality


high pricing policy; lack of discounts; bad online reputation; lack of price control; lack of online chat

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February, 2022 Last Update

How much information do you need in order to entrust your tasks to a company you do not yet know? Do you prefer to trust your intuition, do you read customer reviews of this company, or do you trust the expert opinion of the professionals who do the research work creating reviews for you?
We spend time researching companies so that it is possible for you to save your time. In this article, you will provide you with the most recent review. The following information could help you as future customers assess the prospects and understand which of the companies will be your reliable assistant in the near future. and what they are.

The company was founded 11 years ago and was designed to help students and working people of various professions. By this, we mean academics, lawyers, and other professions who are faced with the creation of any kind of paperwork.

As the company itself says, their priority is to make you a successful student, help you have a successful career, complete your studies, and much more that you can think of.

When creating review, we learned that the company does not aim to make its services cheap and accessible to everyone. They believe that high-quality work cannot be cheap. In general, it is, but let’s see if their services are really that good.

Possible services to use works with all students and working people and provides services for every stage of your studies, from high school to online education. The last service is quite interesting since not many companies have decided to add it yet. Let’s take a look at our reviews to figure out what types of work they do.

  • Help with exams and tests. This service includes assistance in preparing for your important future challenges.
  • Any types of written work. They will write you essays, reviews, critical thinking, and other similar texts.
  • Passing courses, including online courses. The team of this company will take any course you need in order to receive the appropriate certificate.
  • Any degree to the full extent. A team of experts will go through the entire required program for you.
  • Other tasks. Any other help that you did not find in the lists, for example presentations, a global research, or laboratory work.

Take a look at this list. It seems like is so versatile that you don’t even have to study by yourself at all. The first question that arises after reading is how they managed to gather experts in all of these areas to help people at any stage of life.

Pricing and existing discounts

We mentioned above that this company does not position itself as a cheap service. On the positive side, you can pay the company in small payments, which makes the process less painful for your wallet. And so, when we say that prices are high, we really mean it. The average price in the market for such services is $ 14, but for, this price is multiplied by two. They do your article, essay, and homework for $ 29 per page.

Prices for other services actually differ from each other depending on the complexity of the task and its volume. With regard to the promo code, it does not exist, as there are discounts on all other services. But at the same time, the company makes it possible to get a free quote. In general, customer loyalty is not their middle name.

How to pay and place an order

When you place your order, you will be filling out a large form that includes many lines, from your name to uploading files. In general, nothing extraordinary that we have not seen before. But there is a moment that makes us doubt whether is cheating or not.
The company points out that they do not work with NYU residents and students. And this raises some questions. Becoming a client of this company, you are free to pay them in installments and use the following payment systems for this: VISA, MasterCard, DISCOVER network, American express.

Special features provides their customers

Few interesting features about the company of services. They added one not so long ago due to its growing popularity, given world events, is the ability to take your online lessons. By saying this, they mean that their expert will take your online courses, complete all the assignments, and return to you with the completed courses. An interesting feature, but not the cheapest one.

The company also has its own blog, which can be useful to their future or existing clients. One more interesting thing that we don’t see often is the ability to transfer your full degree, which the company will complete from A to Z. Reputation and Quality of services

The reputation of the company that they show you to us is beyond ideal. They provide us with excerpts from interviews with admiring users, student testimonials, and excellent descriptions of their accomplishments.

But reddit reviews are always a great source for finding the truth and real experiences of people, having already tried this company in action. We also found several reviews talking about plagiarism, which is unacceptable. In general, more than half of the reviews expressed no admiration for

The reason for this was the following: students often complained that after placing an order, they sometimes had to wait more than a day for the company to take it for execution. Many of them have already met the deadline and just couldn’t wait any longer. When trying to get the money back, the company assured us that they would fulfill the order as soon as possible, but, as we understand it, this no longer made sense.

Based on other reviews, we can draw the following conclusions about the work of the company: they have a large number of orders and simply cannot cope with all the tasks, which, of course, subsequently affects the quality of their work.

Level of Customer Support Service

Is good? When it comes to the work of consultants, we believe that it could be better. The company is quite active on social media, answering questions and blogging. But when it comes to solving user problems, the customer support service does not respond quickly and, judging by the reviews, and you have to wait more than one day to get an answer.

When we called the company to ask questions about the essence of helping with online courses, the consultant sounded friendly but not very competent. We found the same reviews on the forums while studying the services of

Guarantees from the company – Can I get my money back?

There is no information on the website among the description of the services and guarantees that it will be possible for you to get a refund in case of any dissatisfaction. The only guarantee they tell us is that all their users are 100% satisfied with the result. Beautiful words that in practice remain just words.

Sitejabber reviews say that after the delay of their orders when they no longer needed their completion, they asked for a full or partial refund. But after unsuccessful attempts, the company informed them that, in general, their order was eventually completed and the money would not be refunded. The bottom line: don’t expect to receive compensation.

Benefits and minuses of using

This company is quite interesting and, apparently, monitors changes in the market and tries to follow the latest updates. What advantages can you get by becoming a client of and what negative do you get in the end, a few lines about how it really is.

Possibility of transferring a complete course to be performed by a given company. Prices per page start at $ 29. 
The ability to complete online courses. they do not work with NY state residents. 
Partial payment. Slow order processing. 
Publicity of the company. The inability to return the money. 
Many years of experience. The quality of their work does not match the high cost of their services.

In this story, the minuses, unfortunately, are more significant than the pluses. The decision is always yours as users. But the choice of guaranteed good services always means your personal success.

Conclusions about

The obvious conclusion to what we told you above is the fact that in this case, you just need to find cheaper alternatives to The services they provide are not as high-quality and are not performed as quickly as necessary to pay twice as much for them. Yes, of course, you have the opportunity to find here services that you do not often find in other companies.

Having a fairly large budget and time margin, you can turn to services. Over the 11 years of its existence, the company has done a great job to become famous on social networks but unfortunately does not pay due attention to customer support service.

The importance of choosing the proper service

When you see bright headlines and long texts written by competent marketers, this does not always guarantee you that the company you are going to use will meet your expectations. It doesn’t matter if it is a big company that has existed for many years or it is a small one. The only important characteristic that they all must comply with is the responsibility for the accepted orders and their execution by professionals.

We write articles for you so that you know who to contact and where to find the help you need. Look at our other articles and the general rating of companies, and we promise that this information will definitely interest you.

FAQ about

At the end of each article, there is a tradition of answering the most popular questions. This situation is no exception, and below we will answer once again the questions that will summarize the overall results.

Is Legit?

The big question is: Is legal? Yes, they are a legal company. Also, to avoid specific problems with the law, they warn their users that they do not serve any students from NY.

Is scam?

The company has been in existence for 11 years and is not a scam. provides its client with real services.

What are the prices to use

29 dollars is the minimum price you will pay for one page of basic work made for you. Prices for other services provided by are significantly higher and depend on certain things you fill.

How safe is it to use

By paying for the services of, you do not risk losing your data. It is quite safe to use the services, but it is pointless, given the lack of expected quality for such a high price.

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