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August, 2020 Last Update

A paper writing service with such a pretentious and symbolic name is one of the widely-used sites by students. There have been lots of complaints about Samedayessay.com, so we decided to check whether they are unfounded or not have their reasons for it.

The following samedayessay review will give you a better idea of this service and hopefully will reply to your questions about what a good writing service should look like.

Samedayessay.com Company Info

Samedayessay is an essay writing service calling itself a rocket-fast paper writing service. We know that students usually procrastinate with their assignments and need their essays to be written the soonest and that loud motto attracts them a lot. But does that fast means good quality? Necessary to not they have been operating since 2010 and since that time, there are quite different reviews from customers on their services.

SameDayEssay provides academic writing services and they offer a lot of products related to them. You can order anything from them –from an essay and term paper to a lab report or presentation or dissertation. The variety of services is good and seems quite appealing.

If you wonder what kind of essays you can order here, the answer is almost any – personal statement, admission essay, and even proofreading or editing your essay.

Quality Issue

Speed of getting your paper written is important but your grade is not less important and it depends not only how fast you submit your essay but a lion share of your grade depends on the quality of your work. And, of course, writers are the ones who contribute to the quality of essays.

Writers’ quality

Samedayessay writers are claimed to hold Ph.D. and all be certified specialists in their field. Needless to say, they are claimed to be native English-speakers.

But as the practice has shown, the essays written by samedayessay com contain a vast number of grammar, punctuation mistakes, and typos. It is absolutely clear that the essays are being written in haste and obviously, not by English speakers. So now we wonder whether they really hold all those degrees or are just freelancers or students who need some gig.

Content quality

The quality of writers affects the content quality, for sure. The only advantage of those essays was their speed. Moreover, we bet that no one even bothers to write a paper from scratch while it contains a lot of plagiarism. Their essays are just rewritten one after another. It means that your essay will be used for other students, too. And they will be lucky if someone rewrites them instead of copy-pasting.

Customer support

Samedayessay site says they are there for us 24/7. They offer two USA phone numbers and a live chat feature. However, the phone line is occupied most of the time and a live chat doesn’t seem to work because it is obvious, there is no one online. They will get back to you when they are online. Is samedayessay legit at all?

We do not understand the reasons for claiming to be available 24/7 and not doing it. It is obvious that when you have issues with your essay, you will not be able to reach them soon.

Money Issue

We cannot call this service a cheap one while samedayessay prices vary and depend on the academic level and complexity of your essay. Of course, the deadline plays a great role, too. The sooner you need your essay to be written, the more expensive it is.


It is difficult to call their pricing policy affordable, as well. For example, a college essay consisting of 10 pages and written within 24 hours cost us nearly 300USD. If you are a college student, you will hardly afford such a costly essay.

On the homepage of samedayessay com, you can find a pricing calculator and calculate your price. Of course, it will be influenced by the number of pages and many other factors.

Payment Options

The payment options used by samedayessay are standard for all writing services and include the following:

  • VISA;
  • MasterCard;
  • American Express;
  • Discover.

The currencies accepted are USD, CAD, GBP, CNY, AUD, and EUR.


When browsing their site, we didn’t come across any discounts, although the information on the Internet says the opposite. As a new customer, you do not get any discounts; they claim to give it for your next order only – from 10 to 15 percent. So it is a sort of bonus system. Samedayessay discount code doesn’t exist, so you will not get it.

Special Offers

The special offer from samedayessay represents their bonus system. Once you paid for your order, you get 10% off for your next order. You can use it starting from your second order. But if you wish, you are free to accumulate your points as long as you wish.

Usability Issue

Let’s talk about the website and its usability while it is very important for every user – it has to be convenient and user-friendly, as well as easy-to-use.

Website’s Design

The website is designed in blue and yellow colors. It is pretty user-friendly and easy to navigate. There is a lot of information on it and clicking on it, you can get a full description of services. We liked that there is a range of prices presented in the pricing chart, as well as the pricing calculator. However, the website is pretty slow what is a bit irritating.

Ordering Process

The ordering process starts from clicking to the Order now button. All the steps are described right on the site in the How it works section. You will need to fill in the ordering form, then make a payment, after that message the writer, and get your paper due to deadline.

It is quite weird that you should make a payment before even getting in touch with your writer. You may have some extra requirements or wishes, or materials to discuss that may influence the cost. But they seem to care only about your payment first.

Timely Delivery

The delivery is claimed to be rocket-fast. However, it is quite different in reality. Yes, you may get your paper within 24 hours but what about its quality? Its quality is not perfect at all and since it is clear the essays are not written by native English speakers, they will definitely need at least one revision and improvement.

But waiting for the essay to be revised and edited takes forever. No one just cares about it. It means one of the following:

  • You get a poor grade for your essay;
  • You miss the deadline.

Extra Features

There are no special features offered by samedayessay. The only free feature is the SMS that allows you to track your order.

Trustworthy Issue

The reputation of writing service is one of the most important criteria for every student. Everyone wonders whether Samedayessay is legit or not. So here is the truth.


As we could see, the samedayessy writing service is on the market for about 10 years now. So, probably, lots of students utilize their service. But as we can see, their reviews are quite controversial.

Lots of students complain about the quality of their essay, high prices, and missed deadlines. And we made sure in it on our own. The overall samedayessay rating is not very promising, it is 3.1/5.

For these 10 years, the service managed to gain the reputation of a service that renders quite bad services. Their prices are far not the lowest in the market and are not affordable for an average student.

But the most important is that the quality doesn’t correspond to the price paid. Grammar errors, plagiarism, and typos are not something we want to get for our money. 10 years of experience in the market are quite a long time and they could already at least think of improving their reputation and hiring really qualified writers. But they didn’t do it and keep selling their plagiarized essays.

Guarantees, Moneyback Policy, etc.

In their Terms and Conditions, they claim to provide a 14-day money-back period for papers less than 20 pages and a 30-day period for papers that contain more than 20 pages. Once that period expires, you will not get any refund.

The same periods concern your revisions. You have to claim for a refund or revision using one of the means of communication. Since we know they are not very responsive, it may take a lion share of time for you to be heard.

Get Writing Help from Trusted Essay Company

Well, getting a poor grade for your own money is not the best perspective. We would recommend choosing the best writing services, in the quality and reliability of which you are 100% sure. When choosing one of the services that have a good reputation among their customers, you can be sure in your best grade, while your essay will be plagiarism and error-free and will be delivered always on time.

What people say
about samedayessay.com

  1. Joe says:

    As you get from the title, Samedayessay position themselves as an urgent writing service. But they failed to complete my essay in a day, and it took me quite a while to get compensation.

  2. John says:

    I prefer doing assignments on my own, but it sometimes happens that I run out of time. That is why I turn to Samedayessay. I can’t say that they are the most qualified on the market, and there are often mistakes in the text, but the prices are quite affordable, and their academic level is enough for simple high school essays.

  3. Gavin says:

    My coursework by Samedayessay was not as good as I expected. It contained multiple mistakes, and the writer didn’t want to fix them. Luckily, customer support interfered, and I got a revision (even though there were still some mistakes left).

  4. Ruth says:

    I didn’t like Samedayessay services. It’s obvious that the company doesn’t know a thing about the academic world and tries to do everything to scam customers. My essay was poorly written, and they didn’t even include the required formatting style.

  5. Evan says:

    I had a negative experience with Samedayessay’s customer support. They were very slow to answer, and when I finally managed to contact them, the answer was in such poor English that I could hardly understand what they were saying.

  6. Rebecca says:

    Don’t mess with Samedayessay if you don’t want to get a low grade. My writer didn’t meet any instructions, and I had to rewrite the assignment anew.

  7. Diane says:

    It’s difficult to call Samedayessay a professional writing service because they don’t know anything about academic assistance. The deadline was missed, and they didn’t give me a refund. I was left without money and paper. Don’t be fooled by a good-looking website.

  8. Nathan says:

    I wasn’t fortunate to be assigned with a native speaker even though it’s written on Samedayessay’s website that they hire only native-speaking authors. My text contained too many unfamiliar phrases, and revisions didn’t help.

  9. Paul says:

    It was obvious from the start that Samedayessay is a wrong choice: their website is so slow and old that it was impossible to find the necessary information and read about the terms and conditions. They intentionally puzzle users.

  10. Katherine says:

    I don’t like dishonest writing services, which only try to trick students out of money. In my case, Samedayessay added hidden payments to the final price, and I have noticed it only after paying for the order. Of course, no one returned the money, and I didn’t get the advanced writer I additionally paid for.

  11. Jesse says:

    Looking for an academic assistant? Don’t waste your time on Samedayessay. All they can deal with is a middle school essay, which doesn’t require complex language and formatting. My college-level research paper was awful!

  12. Claire says:

    I had awful communication with Samedayessay managers. At first, they kept me waiting for almost 5 hours and then were rude and didn’t want to help with placing an order.

  13. Peter says:

    If you think whether Samedayessay is a good option, let me tell you the truth – it is the awful writing service I have ever dealt with. Their prices are extremely high, and they never return the money if paper’s quality is low.

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