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Among a huge number of companies, we follow both positive and negative user reviews about the services they have already used. Based on this, as well as on our own research, we have collected data and brought them in a clear order to present to your attention. This helps our readers understand where they shouldn’t waste their time and which company deserves their money and attention. In this review, we will introduce a company and tell you about its features. All useful information from the services of the company itself to its legality is exactly what we will tell you below.

What Does Do?

Starting with the creation of our reviews, the first thing we found out was that this company was founded in 1997 and positions itself as a world leader in providing online proofreading and editing services. By presenting the names and specializations of their team on their page. They tell us that each of their employees is highly qualified.

The company also says it has completed over 400,000 orders since 1997, which is over 16,000 orders per year and over 43 per day. A fairly large figure that made us doubt the competence and veracity of this company at the beginning of our research. In hopes of finding all the answers, we proceeded to create a review.

Services able to provide

The procedure for placing an order in the company of begins with the stage of defining your task. By saying this, we mean the following list of services based on your needs:

  • Proofreading and editing for non-native English speakers. They suggest that they rewrite any text so that you speak in pure English, which is generally a useful service.
  • Academic services. Processing dissertations, essays, or other types of student assignments.
  • Work with authors. If you have created your own article or have any manuscript- offers to edit or proofread them as well.
  • Service of corporate papers. If you are a businessman and you need to check your documents, they claim to have competent specialists for the given task.
  • Editing and proofreading for students. They promise to work on your everyday homework and projects.
  • Help when applying for a job. invites you to edit your resume or any personal document that you attach to the job application.

An impressive number of services, we would like to say. But with this list of opportunities, there is also a list of obligations that the company carries with it. In order to provide users with all services, they must have specialists in their team who will be professionals in everything. And this is a rather difficult task, which, by force, cannot be implemented by many online companies. Prices and Discounts

In theory, the pricing of this company does not differ at all from the prices of others. tells us that their prices depend on the number of words they edit and the time it takes you to get your work to be ready. They also offer you to independently count the words in your document and indicate this when applying for the assignment.

But what reddit customer reviews tell us is that the final price is actually different from the stated price. The fact of the matter is that when they are editing your document, they add the sentences, so you will pay more for them. Is this good or bad? At least the fact that the information does not correspond to reality makes us think about the honesty of this service.

The promo code function simply does not work with this company. The system of discounts is also organized in such a way that you save your money only when placing a large order or your document requires longer processing. As you can understand, not everyone will be happy owners of loyalty to their customers.

How You Pay and a View of an Order form

As we told you before, while submitting your application, you will need to first decide on the goals and type of your work. The first window that appears in front of you will ask you to select exactly this data. Next, you indicate what exactly you need from the authors and fill out a special form indicating the areas in the document that should be processed.

Payment for the service occurs immediately after placing the order. But there can also be surprises. As we said before, the number of words may not be accurate, and then they will ask you to repeat the payment. This procedure delays the process and causes negative emotions in almost any user. You can pay for your order in any of the following ways: Using a VISA or MasterCard, AMEX, JCB, UnionPay, or DISCOVER network.

Other Features We Found

There are several features of this company, which, as they themselves claim, distinguish them from others. The first feature is that the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. It is also certified according to ISO 9001 standards. An interesting fact, but unfortunately, it does not guarantee that the whole company will adhere to high requirements and standards. But we will discuss this topic in the sections below.

The company also has the ability to use artificial intelligence and offers this function for those who massively edit their texts. Unfortunately, we were unable to take advantage of this feature and test how well it works due to technical issues on the website, which is quite disappointing. We did not find any really working features. We also did not find user reviews that would tell us something special.

Reputation and Quality of the Services

Their self-described reputation is 101% impeccable, and the numbers are impressive. But what do we have in reality? We have a habit of verifying information without blindly trusting companies. And this habit is very useful. To understand whether is cheating or not, we studied a huge number of reviews from real users on the forums. 9 out of 10 people said that the company processes a huge number of orders and, most likely, this process always happens automatically.

Accordingly, if the machine makes changes in your text, it will not be logically constructed and will not look like a single whole. This fact is very logical, given the large amount of daily work for this company. So the question of living authors fulfilling your orders is, most likely, far from reality.

The Level of Customer Support Professionalism

Their website has many ready-made answers to frequently asked questions. On this, perhaps, user support has its end. We tried to contact them via chat but received only a formulaic response, which does not cover our questions. After that, the second attempt was to make a call, but we also did not receive an answer.

Sitejabber had collected vivid examples of user reviews who complained about unqualified help from consultants when a problem arose and needed a solution. In drawing conclusions about the support service, we can give negative feedback based on the experience of the students and our own.

Guarantees – Can I get my money back?

The plagiarism policy tells us that if you find any manifestations of this or any other bugs – you can contact the team and ask for additional edits. Also, if you decide to cancel your order, they offer to write to them as soon as possible to find a solution to the problem.
In general, the company does not give any money-back guarantees to its users. Also, among the feedback from students, we found information that the company refused to return money even in situations where the order did not meet expectations. Our review is also negative here. People need guarantees, and qualified companies are obliged to provide them.

Pros and Cons of

Visibility always helps in better perception of information. To do this, we make a small table for your understanding. We believe that these statistics will help you form your own opinion.

Certified company. Machine processing of orders in reality. 
Many years of experience.Lack of real solutions to problems. 
The ability to use artificial intelligence. Customer support rarely answers calls.
Large selection of payment systems. Lack of affordable discounts for everyone. 
Wide range of editing servicesLack of a real opportunity to return money in case of dissatisfaction with the result.

As you can see from the previous information, it is quite simple and quite understandable whether it is worth giving preference to this particular company.

Our Last Conclusion

Making general and final conclusions about this company, we are close to saying that either scam actions affect the quality of their work, or this company has long lost its enthusiasm and no longer pays attention to the quality of its services and compliance with the declared capabilities.

For our part, we tried to understand the reason why people get edited work of poor quality and realized that this company is working on increasing the number of orders, but not on their quality. 9 out of 10 students are totally dissatisfied with the result, and we also cannot be delighted.

Choose a trusted service

Choosing the right service to fulfill your goals will always guarantee success. Choosing one of them, not paying attention to the already existing reviews, you risk paying money and not getting the expected result at all. Our company is always ready to help you.

Drawing conclusions from the previous information, we recommend that you find cheaper alternatives to in our rating and use the services of top companies, being confident in your own successful result.


The first question that arises from our readers is: Is good? Here we have posted questions and conclusions that we would like to put in several lines for your better understanding. So, read on for the most important things you need to know about the company.

Is Legal?

The company’s actions and services are legal. But given the fact that expectations and reality do not match, we doubt the need to use them.

Is Actions Scam?

This company is a scam in what they promise. Their servants do not match what they describe on their website. Don’t expect to get quality paper.

The prices of using does not give you clear prices to provide you with. The company invites you to follow a dedicated page, place your order and word count, and see the price in person.

Is Safe to Use?

The company follows secure data methods. But such security does not matter when you pay for a service that will not be performed in a quality manner. By transferring your data, you are responsible for this decision, which most likely will not meet your expectations.

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