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Unemployedprofessors com review

affordable pricing policy; an extensive list of services


poor paper quality; confusing and outdated website design; complicated and inconvenient order form; lack of discounts; poor support service;

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February, 2022 Last Update

Students face many tasks every day – they need to attend lessons, complete assignments and prepare for exams. At the same time, many students work, and the time for completing tasks is sorely lacking. In addition, every student needs rest because emotional burnout can lead to a deterioration in physical condition.

Today, platforms exist to assist in performing various academic tasks. Seeking help from professional writers – you optimize your time. After receiving the finished project, you will have a clear example of a correctly completed assignment. Experts also improve your academic reputation, academic performance, and relationships with teachers.

One of these platforms caught our attention – unemployedprofessors.com. Disagreements arose between clients on security and fraud. Therefore, we wrote an unemployedprofessors.com review to get to the bottom of the truth. Our evaluation criteria are the quality of services, guarantee, order form, price list, and support service.

What Is Unemployedprofessors.com?

UnemployedProfessors is an online platform that can write a variety of academic papers for you. The company has been providing writing services since 2011. There is no data on the actual location and registration of the company – this is a completely digital business. The team of authors consists of 10 people.

Who are the writers for unemployedprofessors.com? According to the company, the authors are former college professors. However, the question arises, how could a scientist with a master’s and doctor’s degrees have exchanged a good salary in an educational institution for a website with an unstable income?

In response to this question, the company reports that the authors are professors with creative thinking who are not up to the standards of educational institutions. As a result, teachers are out of work and alternatively partner with unemployedprofessors.com to leverage their writing talents.

This argument sounds more like a first-graders fairy tale. Most likely, the professors were fired due to incompetence in communicating with students, poor knowledge, or an unprofessional approach to education.

The company portrays its employees as losers who have failed to build a successful career, and they are content with what is left – to write academic papers for money. It would be better if they had named the company differently, and perhaps their history of creation would not have been so stupid.

The website design is filled with comics or cartoon pictures. At the same time, the website is constantly buggy, knocking out errors and negatively affecting the browser – there are viruses here.


The list of services is extensive, and the company of unemployedprofessors.com divides them into categories:

  • Writing services. Here you can order essays of different types, coursework, research papers, book reports, book and film reviews, laboratory reports, critical and reactionary articles, annotated bibliography.
  • Editing services. Here you can order editing and proofreading of ready-made texts or document formatting in APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard styles – it all depends on the article’s topic.
  • Dissertation and diploma services. Here, you can order a dissertation, writing some sections of the dissertation, literary review, research methodology, thesis, and thesis statement.
  • Reception services. Here you can order admission essays, scholarship essays, and personal applications.
  • Other tasks. Here you can order programming assignments, PowerPoint presentations, assignments in mathematics, physics, economics, tests, statistical projects.
  • Service resume. Here you can order writing a resume, CV, and writing a cover letter.

Well, the services are impressive. However, we are confused by the fact that the author’s staff consists of 10 people. How does such a small team cope with all the tasks? The company chose to cover all services to make as much money as possible. As a result, the company misses the deadlines for delivering projects, but we’ll talk about that later.

Unemployedprofessors.com Discounts and Pricing

UnemployedProfessors maintain a bidding system. Thus, you can find both cheap and expensive services. There is often a high pricing policy here since sometimes only one author with knowledge in your field can respond to your project.

The starting price for 225 words is $ 20 and up. Sometimes the amount reaches $ 50. At the same time, cheaper alternatives to unemployedprofessors.com are ready to provide written services from $ 8 per page. Therefore, if you have a minimal budget, please get in touch with other authors.

How about the unemployedprofessors.com promo code? Neither new nor regular customers can get discounts since the pricing process lies entirely with the authors. There is no referral program either. So be prepared to pay the full cost of the document, but in the best case, leave the website right away.

The company also sells some additional services. For example, if you want to get a report that your article is 100% unique, the company will require + $ 30 to the principal amount of the order. As a result, the price for a one-page essay reaches $ 50, which is very expensive for the average student. At the same time, competitors offer this feature for free.

Payment Method and Order Form

To order the services of unemployedprofessors.com, you need to go through several stages:

  • Placing an order. The company has developed a special order form, where you need to select the type of document, terms, and number of pages. However, not all forms of paper are included, such as a discussion paper, so some of you may not be able to get their help.
  • Author’s choice. Surely you want to collaborate with an author who has good knowledge of your field. However, the authors’ profiles are vague and contain fake photos. In addition, there is a rating of the authors’ progress, but how it is formed is not clear to us since the profile does not contain reviews of real buyers.
  • Payment for the order. The rate per document is calculated based on your location, which is very strange. If you want to hide this information for the sake of security, then you will not be able to pay for the services. In addition, we do not understand why the authors decide how much to charge you based on this criterion.

The ordering process is simple and does not require a lot of steps. What method can be used to pay for writing services? The company offers several payment methods: using credit cards or debit cards such as Visa and MasterCard; using PayPal. Such methods are convenient for all clients.

Special Features For Customers

In addition to the above services, you can become a VIP client. By purchasing these services, you get faster answers to questions and additional help. If a student does not buy VIP services, then waiting for an answer will take several hours, and you should not wait for help? Well, this approach is very disappointing to us. If you compare them with competitors, other companies provide support and assistance free of charge. The division of customers should not be present in the provision of such services.

Reputation and Quality

Is unemployedprofessors.com good? We have rated unemployedprofessors.com reviews on other platforms and used their services ourselves to give you a comprehensive answer.

We first analyzed Sitejabber unemployedprofessors.com. Unfortunately, we did not find any customer reviews. We then analyzed the unemployedprofessors.com Reddit. There are also no reviews here. What does this indicate? This indicates that the platform is not popular with students.

To check the quality of services, we ordered a history essay. We managed to agree with the author to buy an essay for $ 20 per page. We paid $ 60 for a 3-page essay. We gave the writer 14 days to complete the assignment, as this is enough time to structure and format the document. However, we were wrong.

The company delivered the document later than we requested. The essay was not written by a professional. How did we define this? Presentation, tone, style, and word order indicated that a layperson wrote the article. In addition, spelling, grammatical, and punctuation errors were present in the text.

How about unemployedprofessors.com plagiarism? The article was not original. Plagiarism was over 60%. If we sent this article to the teacher, he would accuse you of plagiarism, which would badly affect your academic reputation.

Of course, we asked for an edit. However, the revised version was not much different from the original. Only the word order has changed – all the mistakes remain in place. Therefore, the quality of papers does not pull at a high level, as unemployedprofessors.com claims.

Customer Support

We were surprised to find no way to contact the managers. There is no online chat or even an email feedback form. You communicate directly with the authors, and you can express all your claims to them. The company is not responsible for the work of the authors and will not help solve problems. You can get only a few answers to common questions in the FAQ section – this is where the support ends. This is a wrong position since there should always be communication in a company providing such services.

Guarantees – Can I get my money back?

The company provides several guarantees:

  • Transfer of copyright to the client. Regardless of who wrote the article, it will be yours entirely, which is a sensible approach. In addition, this indicates that the authors will not be able to use your texts to publish them on other sites.
  • Freedom from plagiarism. UnemployedProfessors guarantee 100% original papers – is unemployedprofessors.com cheating. We made sure on our own that the authors copy other people’s works and supplement them with their thoughts.
  • Editing. If your article does not meet the above requirements, then the author undertakes to correct the errors. However, our experience proves that the authors do not bother with editing, and we cannot report this fraud to the company.

As you can see, there is no money-back guarantee. By sending money to the author, the company will not be able to return it. Therefore, if you nevertheless begin to cooperate with unemployedprofessors.com, ask the authors for examples of work to ensure their professionalism.

Pros and Cons

We analyzed many aspects and found both disadvantages and advantages unemployedprofessors.com. Which outweigh the scales: pros or cons? Here is an illustrative table:

Interesting website design.Inflated pricing policy.
The company has existed for a long time.No data and diplomas are confirming the education of the authors.
An extensive list of services.No money-back guarantee.
Simple order form.Articles contain plagiarism – this is unemployedprofessors.com scam.
Guaranteed transfer of copyright to the client.There is no support service.
Low-level editing.
A small team of authors disrupting the deadlines for the delivery of projects.


Based on the table above, we can see that the disadvantages outweigh the scales. You cannot count on professional assistance from professors, as there is no data to confirm their competence. If you receive low-quality documents, the company will not return the money because it is not responsible for the authors’ work. Plagiarism is present in the papers, and their declaration of 100% freedom from plagiarism is a lie. Therefore, our rating is 2.1/5. We have given an objective unemployedprofessors.com review, and the decision on cooperation is yours, but we strongly recommend not to contact them.

Choose a Trusted Service

Want the best academic help from experts? Then read our list of leading companies by all criteria. We have selected companies with true guarantees, 24/7 support, low prices, a large team of authors, an excellent online reputation, and high-quality articles. Therefore, with them, you will become the best student in the faculty!


Are you still hesitating whether to partner with unemployedprofessors.com? Read the answers to frequently asked questions, and you will determine if they are worth trusting.

Is Unemployedprofessors.com Legit?

Is unemployedprofessors.com legal? The site does not have data on the registration and location of the company. Therefore, we are not sure if unemployedprofessors.com adheres to American laws and pays taxes.

Is Unemployedprofessors.com Scam?

Their guarantees are fraudulent. You won’t get 100% original articles. Moreover, you will not be able to get money back for the poor quality of the texts.

How much does it cost to use Unemployedprofessors.com?

You agree on the price of the paper with the author. There is no flat rate, but we noticed that authors are asking for $ 20 per page.

Is Unemployedprofessors.com safe?

The platform does not meet digital security standards. Moreover, managers do not control the work of writers, and you risk failing exams, writing projects, and taking tests.

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