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Welcome to the latest review of academized – a writing company you were dying to learn more about. Unfortunately, their website is so flooded with information and content that it becomes almost impossible to find the necessary information if you want to learn more about the company or to place an order.

To read everything Academized post, you’ll need hours or even days but 50% of all the information is a simple repetition of the same facts. So instead of wasting hours of your time trying to find necessary details, read our review. We have collected everything you might need when deciding whether Academized is a good option.

 Unfortunately, the company can’t boast a range of services on offer:

  • Essays;
  • Math tasks;
  • Admission papers;
  • Resumes;
  • Dissertations;
  • Proofreading;
  • Editing and a few more specific assignments, which can hardly be written by a limited number of authors.

By the way, there are only 50 available writers, so when placing an order at Academized you may have to wait for your turn. Not a great start, right? When placing an order, we just hoped that among a few available writers there will be the one, who has experience in the subject. Go on reading if you want to find out what the outcome was.

Quality Issue

The quality of a completed assignment is surely one of the pillars of a successful result. A writing company may have a great website, generous bonuses, and a friendly support team but it doesn’t mean a thing if the paper is written poorly. Is academized good? Let’s find that out!

Quality of Writers

Academized ratings are rather low and it’s not surprising: while many other companies have hundreds or even thousands of writers to choose from, here you’ll have to be content with 50 specialists.

Every writer has a profile, where customers can see the rating, quantity of completed orders, current status, and reviews of customers. The last, by the way, seems false because they only praise the writers. It seems that the company simply deletes comments, which they don’t like. There is also a list of skills in every profile but it is not backed with any proofs like diplomas, links or examples of work. So, after reading the profile you still don’t know whether the person is qualified for your task or not. There are even no photos available!

Content Quality

After reading multiple academized reviews we were rather disappointed – it seems that satisfied customers could be counted on the fingers of one hand. The majority of students claim that Academized writers don’t bother following the deadlines and requirements, researching the topic or even checking grammar and spelling.

We have also ordered a high school math assignment and the result was awful. It wasn’t optimized, there were no explanations and the solution were wrong! Luckily, we didn’t have to submit the assignment to a teacher.

Customer Support

We can’t say that the customer support at Academized is bad but it is surely far from being perfect. It takes too much time to wait for a reply, so if your order is urgent or you have a simple question, waiting may be rather annoying. And hundreds of other academized reddit reviews prove that!

Several times we had to wait more than an hour to get a reply and were told that due to a big number of customers the queue was very long. However, the number of free writers was rather big, so it is unlikely that there were really that many customers in a line. We recommend Academized paying more attention to assistance because the absence of timely support may eventually drown the company.

Money Issue

Now let us discuss academized price – the thing, which probably bothers our readers the most.


Academized reviews prove that this company has quite average prizes, while on the official website you can see that they claim to be one of the cheapest writing services. The prices start at $12,99 for a page, which is surely not as cheap – just average for the market.

The price for an order depends on three main factors: your academic level, size of the paper, and deadlines. There is also urgent writing available. When choosing this option your assignment will be delivered within three hours. Of course, the price for such an assignment will be much higher.

Payment Options

Academized have rather standard payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Unfortunately, no PayPal or cryptocurrency, which is considered the safest banking options on the market.


Our review of academized couldn’t pass by the discounts because they can greatly ease the lives of the customers. There is a 5% off discount available, which students get after ordering 15 pages. After 50 pages you can expect a 10% discount, while a 15% discount is assigned after 100 pages.

Special Offers

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any other special offers: no promotions or bonus codes. And after reading academized reddit comments it became obvious that customers are also not satisfied with this fact. That is why we recommend Academized taking their bonus policy more serious if they don’t want to lose the interest of students.

However, as we see, customers are not rushing to reorder assignments from this writing company.

Usability Issue 

Is academized good? This one was probably the most common question we have received. As you already know, we are not satisfied with the quality of the delivered assignment but hopefully, other features of Academized will be better.

Website’s Design

Academized reviews claim that the website of this company is far from being perfect and we can’t agree more. Even though the colors are rather plain and simple, there is so much information that you can easily get lost in it.

Most likely Academized management wants to do everything possible to confuse customers and to hide vital information.

Ordering Process

As well as the website, the process of making an order is rather confusing. For example, the undergraduate level is subdivided into four levels with a corresponding change of prices. If you want to hire a UK writer, you’ll also have to pay 10% more.

The number of fields and boxes you need to complete seems never-ending, and there is a big number of hidden payments and features, so the final price may greatly surprise you.

Timely Delivery

Is academized legit and timely? We have ordered math’s assignment and it was completed without any delays. However, comments online claim that if the order is urgent, most likely it will be submitted with delays and you won’t even be able to get your money back. It seems that Academized managers and owners don’t bother following their own promises.

Extra Features

Considering that academized price is not that cheap, we were rather surprised to find out that the cost of extra features is also expensive. For example, a premium writer will cost you +25% to the initial price, while the top 10 writers charge +30%.

 The originality report, which comes in many writing companies for free, costs $21,99 at Academized. To hire a proofreader, students need to add $11,00 to the final price, and for the 1-page summary will need to pay $26,99.

The advanced support manager charges $5,99 and VIP support will cost $9,99. However, as multiple online comments claim these features are only on paper and you still have to wait for a reply from a devoted manager.

Trustworthy Issue 

Academized ratings are rather low even though they try to publish only positive comments on the official website. But we have conducted thorough research and are ready to share what we managed to find out!


Academized reddit comments are indicative of a bad reputation. While the feedback on the website is rather positive, it seems that they are written by the same people and are not objective at all. So, if you are willing to decide whether a particular company deserves your money and attention or not (including Academized) we recommend reading comments in multiple independent sources.

Guarantees, Moneyback Policy, etc.

Do you already know is academized good or bad? Let’s discuss the final issue to help you decide. Unfortunately, this company can’t boast an impressive set of guarantees and the only one we were able to find was the moneyback and deadlines policy. But after reading it we had doubts about whether anyone would mess with a company, which has such terms.

For example, if you say that the delivered paper is of low quality and send it to be revised, you can get back only 70% of the price because the request for revision means that you have approved the order.

Another trick is the deadlines policy. Don’t expect to get a revision if the assignment is urgent – your request will be declined and you’ll be left with a poorly written paper without any compensations.


After reading so many academized reviews and placing an order of our own, it became obvious that this writing company is far from perfect. Their website is outdated and flooded with meaningful information, the prices are average and there are no special offers to engage the audience. The quality of our order was bad and the limited number of writers leaves us questioning whether they are able to cover all the listed subjects.

Get Writing Help from Trusted Essay Company

We will be happy to improve this review of academized if they fix the flaws but for now, we can’t recommend them to customers, who value the quality of work and comfort. Pick one of our top-rated writing companies instead to get timely and professional writing support without any drawbacks.

What people say

  1. Brian says:

    Academized is not the best place for students who want to get a decent paper. I had a negative experience with them because the order was submitted late, and they refused to give me free revisions. The only positive thing was a significant number of available services and a convenient order form.

  2. Evelyn says:

    I had dealt with tens of various writing services before and decided to try Academized because of many positive online reviews. However, all I got was a poorly written essay without any structure and formatting. Now I know that all the positive comments are fake.

  3. Edith says:

    If you are in search of an academic writing service, go elsewhere. is a website, which doesn’t care about anything apart from your money. They included additional fees to the final price without notifying me and wanted to charge money for revisions!

  4. Richard says:

    Academized website is very inconvenient and contains too much unnecessary information. If you need to place an order fast or to find certain data, you’ll probably fail. The platform is outdated, and the text is wordy. I wanted to leave it immediately and never come back.

  5. Ryan says:

    I had quite a positive experience with customer support at Academized. They were friendly and quick, but the rest was awful- ESL writers, poor formatting, absence of revisions. I don’t recommend this company to anyone who wants to get a high grade.

  6. Greg says:

    Academized is surely the most awful and unprofessional writing service I have ever dealt with. I ordered a simple history essay that doesn’t require many skills. But they managed to submit a plagiarized essay with lots of grammar and lexical mistakes. And when I asked for revisions, they blocked my account!

  7. Artur says:

    Deciding whether Academized may be the right option? Let me disappoint you- these guys have nothing to do with academic papers because even my 9-year-old brother would do better. And let’s not forget that their prices are rather high.

  8. Nellie says:

    It was my first time contacting a writing service, and I was rather nervous. As if I sensed something! My research paper was awful- the structure was poor, the references were absent, and the text contained lots of misprints.

  9. Wanda says:

    I had an urgent essay, which needed to be delivered within one day. Unfortunately, Academized didn’t meet the deadlines, and I had to make excuses in the class. And on top of it, they didn’t return the money.

  10. Maxim says:

    It was my first time cooperating with Academized, but the website didn’t meet my expectations. The assigned writer wasn’t a native speaker, and it was obvious that he didn’t know anything about the topic! Moreover, he didn’t answer my questions and refused to revise the draft to fix the mistakes.

  11. Kyle says:

    Academized is a scam. The whole website is created to trick you out of money. I spent almost $100 on research and got a 100% plagiarized assignment copied from another service.

  12. Zachary says:

    I always read the terms and conditions before joining a new website. That was also the case with Academized. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any clear information about the refund policy and revisions because the text was wordy and meaningless. Don’t be fooled by their promises because they are not able to keep them.

  13. Daniel says:

    Those who are looking for a custom writing service should stay away from Academized. Their papers are of extremely low quality, and the writers don’t know anything about formatting or citing. Moreover, they stop answering your messages once the payment is made.

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