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Transcriberry com review

 affordable price; pleasant discounts; many payment methods; good guarantees; delivery of services on-time; high-quality documents; professional team transcribers; simple and fast file upload.


 only two types of services

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February, 2022 Last Update

When you need to transcribe your audio or video files into the text content, then you may face many issues. But there is no other choice – you have to do this independently or using professional assistance. If you plan to do this task without any help, then be careful. 

It’s not easy to do this job alone. On the one hand, it takes plenty of time. Sometimes you must repeat your audio file countless times to make notes. On the other hand, nobody is perfect. If you make mistakes, it may seriously affect you. 

That’s why using professional help with transcribing content is the best choice. As you can see, there are not so many companies keen on transcription. If you truly require high-quality assistance with your tasks, then you need to read the following transcriberry.com review. 

What is the Transcriberry?

Transcriberry is a professional team that is famous for transcription. Its experts are keen on making a written copy of verbal content. A customer can provide them with an audio or video file and receive a written record in short terms.

These services are great for many people:

  • bloggers, podcasters, meetings organizators;
  • journalists at interviews, press conferences, reports;
  • marketers to make research, content curation, presentations;
  • students and tutors with lectures, seminars, webinars. 

The main Transcriberry working area is transcription. Also, you may order translation and foreign subtitles in the nearest future. 


At the moment, you can order human transportation or automated transcription. If you aspire to get 99% accuracy, then select the first option. If you are okay with 80% accuracy and haven’t much time, then select the second option. Also, it said that such services as translations and foreign subtitles are coming soon. 

Among the file types you can order to transcribe the following options: AVI, AMR, AIF, DVD, DSS, CAF, MOV, DVF, MP2, MP3, MP4, WAV, QuickTime, MSV, WMA, WMV, Webex. Feel free to provide this company with your file and receive fast and professional help. 

You can find there not a very wide array of services but the quality and safety are top. Besides, there are no many companies that can transcribe speeches, Zoom meetings, voice records, YouTube files, and so on. For this reason, customers appreciate Transcriberry for its assistance and trustworthiness. 

Transcriberry Discounts and pricing

In general, prices for all services are affordable and even cheap. Our transcriberry.com review explains your potential spendings on the 2 current types of assistance and 2 new options that will be available soon. 

For instance, human transcribing costs $1.25 per minute. If you select automated transcription, then you can receive it only for $0.25 per minute. Professional translations cost $0,1 per word, and for making foreign subtitles, you need to pay $3–$7 per minute. Compared to rivals’ fees, you will find Transcriberry the best option. 

Payment Method and Order form

This company guarantees a customer is free to select any payment method he or she prefers. It is said that users usually select PayPal for the fastest and safest transactions. In addition, you don’t need to worry about your banking information – Transcriberry doesn’t keep payment information and passes it to the bank immediately. There is no risk for a customer at all. 

There is no standard ordering form – and this is good for customers. You need to upload your file or add the link. In general, the ordering process is very simple and intuitive. You’ll share your specific requirements on several stages and do not experience any issues. 

Special Features for customers

It’s good to know that your orders are secured. It means that no one can access your personal information and transcribed content because all files are kept in a special database. Be sure that unauthorized access to your documents is prohibited. 

All assistants sign NDA agreements. As a result, your content belongs to you without any risks. 

H2 Reputation and Quality

Every customer is guaranteed 99% accuracy. It means that you’ll receive flawless and mistake-free content. Such things as extra sounds in the background or specific pronunciation wouldn’t affect the text quality. Besides, the audio and video files of poor quality are also possible to be transcribed with high quality. 

The company has a very good reputation on the Web and among customers. Many positive reviews seem real and honest. As a result, you can relax and rely on Transcriberry. 

Customer Support

Customer support is available online. You can contact a support agent to ask any questions about placing orders or services. According to our statistics, most users prefer live chat as a communication channel. 

The quality of support is normal. Usually, customer agents are helpful because they are focused on assisting new and regular customers. They are also very positive and friendly. 

Just notice that this company is very popular so sometimes you have to wait your turn. It doesn’t require much time because team support is quite fast and professional. 

Guarantees – Can I get my money back?

You are guaranteed human assistance. The company has more than 50,000 assistants. All of them use English as their native language. It means the best quality of final assignments. 

All projects are performed according to FCC and ADA standards. If the quality doesn’t meet your expectations, you may request a refund. So yes, you can get your money back. 

Pros and Cons

Advantages of TranscriberryDisadvantages of Transcriberry
– a very affordable fee of high-quality services ($1.25 per minute) and free extra services;– good customer protection, including personal information and banking data;– professional level of transcribing assistance;– very fast assistance (12 hours if it is shorter than 30 minutes and up to 1 business day for a 1-hour video);– simple ordering system (you only need to upload your file);– satisfaction guarantee and money-back options.– a very simple design of the official website;– no phone or email support;– no options in communicating (only live chat is available);– sometimes the bottom ‘live chat’ doesn’t work;– small range of services. 


Every fair transcriberry review highlights that this company is what everyone needs. It is full of advantages and wouldn’t ever let a customer down. Its services are flexible, fast, and high-quality. 

Among disadvantages, we can notice only small issues which don’t harm you enjoying the cooperation with Transcriberry. For instance, a small range of services and no phone customer support. Well, these issues aren’t serious and don’t harm ranking this team with maximum points. 

For these reasons, our team definitely recommends you to work with experts from this company. It will be your wise and successful choice! 

Choose a trusted service

We recommend you use only trustworthy services. Don’t rely on companies with negative reviews and a bad reputation. Be sure that there are several good teams to choose from among the long list of average helpers and real scammers. It’s better to rely on a professional and trustworthy company and experience successful cooperation. 

Transcriberry is one of the trustworthy companies in the transcription area. It is rated 4.8/5 and can be by your side. So use it if you need high-quality transcription services or even a small talk about the particularities of these services. 


Is transcriberry.com Legit?

Yes, this company is legal and legit. It serves customers with a fair approach and makes everyone satisfied. Numerous guarantees allow you to understand it is worth your attention. Besides, it is owned and operated by a well-known and reputable company DDW Corp. You can find additional contact information on the official website. 

Is transcriberry.com Scam?

There is no sign of a scam at Transcriberry. The official website is quite intuitive and qualitative, so it seems to gain our attention without a doubt. It’s nice to see that many famous brands rely on this company (including Sony, SpaceX, Netflix, Harvard, Hulu). Also, numerous transcriberry reviews on different platforms highlight that there is nothing to worry about. If this company offers you assistance and makes its claims, then you can expect to get all the promised offers. 

How much does it cost to use Transcriberry?

The final price for your file depends on its duration and starts at $1.25. This is a very affordable fee for high-quality help. Compared to similar companies, it wins with the price and extra services. For instance, using Transcriberry you don’t need to pay for accents, multiple speakers, fast delivery within 12 hours – all these features are already included. 

Is my Transcriberry safe?

Yes, a customer doesn’t have to worry about safety and security. The website is modern, user-friendly, and highly protected. It is safe to share your contact information, place orders, make safe payments, and so on. That’s why you are free to rely on this team of real experts in the transcription business!

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