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After getting tens of messages from students across the world, we decided to write a hirewriters review and satisfy the interest of those, who want to learn more about the company.

Hirewriters is not the most popular academic assistant in the arena, so you shouldn’t expect any outstanding features and additional options. New customers can watch a short video to see how everything works. The types of assignment this company completes include:

  • Articles for social media accounts and blogs;
  • Rewriting and editing articles;
  • Ghostwriting;
  • Reviews and descriptions;
  • Email autoresponders.

To place an order, the authors need to create an account and indicate the necessary details. After hitting the order button, the assignment is published on a job board and writers with the necessary skills can choose and complete it. Unfortunately, this system has multiple flaws: you can’t be sure that the writer will have a corresponding background and based on our observations, you won’t be able to check that because authors don’t provide any credentials.

Quality Issue

It is simply impossible to evaluate the quality of works because there are no examples on the official website. That is why we had to place an order and conduct our own evaluation. Look what the outcome was!

In case you don’t want to wait and need an urgent answer to the question ‘is hirewriters safe?’ it is unfortunately negative.

Quality of Writers

As you get from the hirewriters website everything is based on a bidding system and the result greatly depends on the category of a writer. They are divided into four levels: Beginner, Average, Skilled, and Expert. The customer should pick a category and will receive bids only from writers of a corresponding level of expertise. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to find positive comments and most customers complain that writers are obviously not native speakers and don’t possess enough skills and knowledge. Considering that the company promises the assistance of hundreds of native English speakers, it’s clear as day that they intentionally scam customers.

We have ordered a blog post for a traveling website and the chosen writer failed. The post was boring, lacked individuality, and wasn’t useful for the audience.

Content Quality

Wonder is hirewriters legit and responsible? Then read what we have to say about the quality of the post we have ordered.

It was quite a simple assignment, so we picked an Average writer. Frankly speaking, the result was awful and the post was written by an elementary school pupil. We asked for revisions but nothing has improved.

Even though we managed to get those revisions, the author didn’t do anything to fix the situation. While Hirewriters don’t scam people and complete orders, they surely don’t do a thing to satisfy customers’ needs.

 Apart from being boring, our order had spelling and grammar mistakes. The text wasn’t readable and when we asked a few people to look through it, they said it was awful. So we doubt that Hirewriters have a team of professional authors, who really work on the tasks.

Customer Support

When we tried to contact the company’s managers, it took some time. There is a small button at the bottom of the page with a plain Support word, so make sure you have glasses to find it. Then you will be redirected to the FAQ section. And only if you haven’t found the necessary answer there’s a button, which allows getting in touch with the support team via email.

No live support or phone numbers. Hirewriters scam customers saying that they are there to cover the needs of students because they won’t answer your email for days and you’ll be left one-on-one with the task. 

Money Issue

Our hirewriters review would be incomplete if we didn’t mention the pricing policy especially when it concerns bidding systems, which always have quite blurry prices.


Hirewriters price is published in a corresponding section on the website. The minimum price is $0,65 for a social media post and may reach $1250 for a 5,000-page e-book written by an Expert writer. However, these prices are rather nominal because authors bid the assignment and it is possible to reduce the final cost by negotiating.

The Pricing page is rather convenient and contains a detailed explanation of their fees. Probably it’s the best part of the Hirewriters company.

Payment Options

After reading hirewriters reddit comments you’ll see that there is no need to expect anything diverse in terms of payment options. To make a deposit, students can only choose from debit and credit cards: no e-wallets or crypto, which are much safer and protect not only payment details but also your identity. 


Another feature we would like to highlight in this hirewriters review is the fact that there are absolutely no discounts at Hirewriters. However, it’s not rare for a bidding writing company and the only way to reduce the price is communicating directly with the writer and trying to lower the final price by opting for free pages and other perks.

Special Offers

The same applies to special offers: if you are a fan of promo codes, loyalty programs, holiday gifts, and other engaging bonuses then Hirewriters is not the best option. It is as clear as day that the company’s management does nothing for the convenience of its customers and thinks that a bidding system is more than enough.

We will continue following their news and will hope that soon they’ll change their minds and come up with new offers for the customers.

Usability Issue

Let’s continue our hirewriters review with usability. Who knows, maybe it will be good enough to outweigh all the flaws we have already noticed?

Website’s Design

Hirewriters website is one of the worst we have ever seen: it is outmoded, the fonts and colors look as if they came straight from the 90s and the theme is screaming to change it. We strongly recommend Hirewriters hiring a designer to fix this huge flaw. 

In addition, there is too much unclear information on the website, so it’s easy to get lost and not find what you are looking for.

Ordering Process

Is hirewriters safe? They don’t have any licenses or protection guarantees, so when placing an order, students will have to rely on their common sense.

To hire a writer, you will need to register and indicate the necessary details. After depositing money your order will be added to an open access board and writers will start bidding it. However, considering that there are not many writers you may have to wait for days while someone decides to work on the assignment.

Timely Delivery

As you probably know, the biggest issue of bidding systems is that it’s impossible to track the process and to get a guarantee that the assignment will be completed on time. Our ordered blog post came with only one-hour delay but there are multiple hirewriters reddit messages, which claim that the company doesn’t bother itself with following the deadlines.

And the worst part is that you won’t be able to demand a refund or at least an apology.

Extra Features

Even though hirewriters price is average, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have to offer additional features and benefits to the customers. We did our best to find at least something that would make the service better but the only perks were an introductory video of an awful quality and company’s blog.

But considering that the posts are added quite seldom and the texts are lame, we don’t see any point in them.

Trustworthy Issue

Is hirewriters legit? This one is probably the most important question any customer can ask about writing service. So, we couldn’t avoid mentioning Hirewriters’ reputation and guarantees. Or rather their absence.


As it was already discussed in our hirewriters review, we were contacted by multiple students and they asked for a thorough revision of the company. They claimed that Hirewriters are fake, don’t deliver the things they promise, never return the money, and the writers are far from perfect.

We managed to find several mediocre comments and it seems that those customers were just lucky to get a decent result. 

Guarantees, Moneyback Policy, etc.

Hirewriters scam customers not only on delivering low-quality papers but also on providing absolutely no protection. Yes, there is a Terms and Privacy page on the official website but there is so much unnecessary information that users simply leave the page.

It is obvious that they have done everything to confuse people not to familiarize themselves with the guarantees they have. But we were rather persistent and wanted to find more about refunds that Hirewriters offer. It turned out that the only way to get your money back is to return unused money that was on the account for not more than 60 days!

We have never seen such an absurd requirement before and it left us questioning whether there are at least a few customers, who still stick to Hirewriters.


Both hirewriters reddit comments and independently written reviews were right: this service is far from being perfect and they need to redo the whole system in order to attract more customers. The complete absence of bonuses, low-quality papers, no managers, and an outdated website make Hirewriters one of the worst writing agents on the market.

Get Writing Help from Trusted Essay Company

Unfortunately, our hirewriters review doesn’t differ from multiple others on the Internet and it seems that no one is satisfied with this writing company. Luckily, we have made a list of the most reliable academic services, so you can always choose one avoiding stress and anxiety.

What people say
about hirewriters.com

  1. Jessica says:

    Hirewriters is a service, which has both pros and cons. It is a legit service with a quality website, but I didn’t get a paper that I expected. The completed order was written in poor English, and the writer didn’t want to communicate in the process.

  2. Megan says:

    I have never hired a writing service before, so it was rather exciting to place my first order. Unfortunately, I picked the wrong company: Hirewriters were rude and unprofessional, and weren’t able to fix their own mistakes.

  3. Jan says:

    Are you looking for a service to deal with an essay? I don’t recommend turning to Hirewriters because they deliver plagiarized papers and never follow requirements. My research was poorly formatted, and there are many copied paragraphs. In addition, they attached a fake plagiarism report.

  4. Leah says:

    You may find many positive reviews on Hirewriters’ website, but it seems that all of them are written by the same person. I had an awful experience with this company and will never contact them again – a total waste of time and money.

  5. Cameron says:

    When the writer failed to deliver my essay on time, I contacted Hirewriters managers. They said they would take care of everything, but no one answered. And when I tried to log in the next day, my account was deleted.

  6. Tina says:

    The assigned writer wasn’t a native English speaker even though Hirewriters claim that all their authors have perfect language skills. This lead to a low-quality essay and lots of stylistic mistakes.

  7. Sonny says:

    I don’t like websites, where it’s impossible to understand how everything works or to find the necessary information quickly. Hirewriters is one of such websites, and it took me ages just to place an order. They should do something with the platform’s speed and convenience.

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