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August, 2020 Last Update

You are free to order academic papers and save own time for other activities. But this is definitely to your behoof to pick up a qualitative writing team instead of scams. Company Info

The Essaypro is a company that performs a wide array of academic papers for students of different grades. It is based in Ukraine but claims to be highly developer and very professional in this field. According to its mission and vision, the Essaypro wants to help everyone who has some issues with academic assignments. Its writers can perform all tasks from an average essay to strong research.

In general, there was no direct Essaypro cheating situation founded during 12 years of the company’s existence. It seems this team of writers must be very experienced and professional, but real reviews and the results of their job are not so positive. Let’s find out its benefits and weakness and understand does it worth your attention of not.

Quality Issue

You can’t check the paper’s quality before placing an order, but Essaypro Reddit reviews will be very helpful. You may find here the most essential details about the quality issue.

Quality of Writers

This team of writers is located in Ukraine. It means that all papers will be written by non-native speakers. If this is not a problem for you, then okay. But usually, Americans and foreign students try to avoid such cooperation. It is easy to determine that the content was performed by the author with another native language. As a result, it can cause losing a lot of scores.

In any case, the Essaypro real or fake authors exist and will make your paper for you. This is not a scam as you could think, but be ready for correspondent paper quality.

Content Quality

The fact of Ukrainian authors working in the Essaypro team causes the correspondent quality of papers. It will be not poor, but not brilliant. This is a price you will pay for such a cheap price of writings.

But general elements of papers are quite good. You can trust this platform the topic selection, different methods for research, etc. But it is not enough to get the best score. Besides, you shouldn’t get hooked on the low price of services. The main thing to do is avoid very cheap authors who perform papers carelessly and in a rush.

Customer Support

Support is also not a strong side of this company. It is normal for them to respond to you in several days or in 2-3 emails. A Facebook account and live chat are available too, but you will also wait to respond for a while.

Money Issue

According to the official advertising in Google, the Essaypro price for papers starts with $7 per page. This is very cheap and attracts customers from all over the world to cooperate with this writing platform. But there are several hidden rocks you should know about.


This company proposes a bidding system. It means that you don’t know the final sum to pay beforehand. The customer creates a request and waits for different authors to make their bids. After several hours he or she is able to choose one the best proposition and hire the writer. Also, the company claims the pricing starts with $7 per page but the minimum price is $11 at the moment.

Payment Options

There are only 3 payment methods for American and foreign customers. They may use Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. This is a very short list of options. Most customers use PayPal but Ukrainian legislation doesn’t allow it. In general, the answer to the popular question ‘is Essaypro legit’ is yes, but several issues with payment will follow you.


The Essaypro doesn’t propose a discount at all. There is no special offer for your first order or regular promotions. Sadly, but it is truth. Maybe the company considers its prices to be too low to give customers additional discounts.

Special Offers

The list of services is quite short. The Essaypro scam is almost excluded but you have no great choice in assignment types. This company can perform for your custom essay, dissertation, research paper, term paper, admission essay, and an option called ‘write my essay’.

Usability Issue

People said in their Essaypro reviews that they feel comfortable to use the official website. The same is fair for the site in general and its custom sections, such as an order form. Let’s find out more about the usability issue.

Website’s Design

The website is performed in pleasant colors and has a normal structure. You will easily understand its intuitive and mobile-friendly interface. There are also 5 different types of websites: for Canada, UAE, United Kingdom, Australia and the Global one. Choose the most relevant one or use the global for another country.

Ordering Process

As this company supports the bidding system, you must create your request on the website and wait for available authors to make their proposals. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes, but sometimes the bidding process may last the whole day. As a result, students with urgent tasks may feel frustrating and do not find a solution for their task assignment.

Timely Delivery

The minimum time to prepare any order is 6 hours. This is quite fast, but comparing to other writing platforms is not the best index. Usually, professional writers propose fast writing within 3 hours. To save your money you can order your paper beforehand. The Essaypro can take your order in 2 months before the deadline.

Extra Features

The Essaypro doesn’t have something very special. The same is fair about additional services. There is nothing except standard papers to order there. The only thing you can use is a blog with useful articles. But this content may interest only those students who are going to prepare their academic papers without assistance.

Trustworthy Issue

If you want to trust such an important job to a stranger, you must be sure about your choice. That’s why the companies trustworthy is an essential criterion in making the decision to work with Essaypro or not.


The reputation of Essaypro is very controversial. Several customers of Reddit and similar websites insist on the good experience and recommend this team. But most of the reviews are negative and share unpleasant stories.

There are customers whose essays were rejected, so they wasted money and got a bad grade. A lot of students reported the poor quality of texts. There are also users you claimed their authors didn’t even read the task requirements well.

Besides, the company doesn’t have a phone number to call. This is not a communication problem, but a reputation issue. There is a high possibility that Essaypro is not legit in Ukraine and for international customers too.

Guarantees, Moneyback Policy, etc

According to the official website, the company has a money-back policy. It means that the customer can get a refund if the paper doesn’t relate to the task assignment. But there is no exact rule on how to evidence the Essaypro must make a refund. According to reviews, a lot of customers weren’t able to take their money back.


Well, the Essaypro is definitely not a writing team of your dreams. Its cheap prices are quite interesting, but the quality of papers seems to be too weak for most colleges. There is a high possibility that the company doesn’t cheat on customers but it still has a lot of troubles during cooperation.

Get Writing Help from Trusted Essay Company

Your best decision will be to find a high-quality and responsible team of writers. Don’t pick up the first one writing company even if your task assignment is very urgent. Make sure, that your producer is experienced, fair, has numerous payment options and extra services, offers nice discounts, and so on. For your sake there is a list of professional writing companies here, so you can choose any and reach success!

What people say

  1. Kim says:

    Essaypro is a rather popular writing service, but I wasn’t lucky. My essay was rather plain and lacked depth. Moreover, customer support always responded the next day, and there were no discounts available. The only positive thing was a great website design.

  2. Karla says:

    It took me almost a month to pick a writing service: I read comments online, asked my friends, and visited numerous websites. Eventually, I contacted Essaypro because they had the biggest number of positive feedbacks. However, my essay was plagiarized, and the writer turned out a foreign student. I guess all those feedbacks are created by their own writers.

  3. Randall says:

    I have a rather limited budget, so I was looking for an affordable writing service. Even though Essaypro has quite reasonable prices, they add hidden payments, and you have to pay much more! What an awful way to do business.

  4. Felicia says:

    I didn’t like cooperating with They delivered my review with delays and didn’t apologize. In addition, they didn’t offer any revisions even though my paper lacked several key features.

  5. Kerry says:

    I liked the assigned Essaypro writer. He was experienced and always answered my questions. What I didn’t like was a complete absence of guarantees and late submission. My teacher was pissed off, and I had to submit an extra review as a punishment.

  6. Angelica says:

    I’ve never had such an awful experience with a writing service. Essaypro seems to have everything wrong: plagiarized papers, inexperienced writers, and no guarantees. I don’t think that anyone deserves to get such an awful paper!

  7. Sonia says:

    After placing an order at Essaypro, I went online to read testimonials, and it turned out that this company is famous for missing the deadlines and adding payments along the way. And the same thing happened with my order. I had to pay lots of money for a late submission.

  8. Dylan says:

    There is a refund policy at Essaypro, but when it comes to practice, no one is going to return your money. After they forgot about my order, I was trying to get my money back. They simply stopped answering and then deleted my account.

  9. Janet says:

    When I communicated with the assigned Essaypro writer, it became obvious that he is not a native speaker. I was very angry because I additionally paid for an advanced writer. However, the manager said that all advanced writers were busy. I received a bad essay and spent extra money.

  10. Ronald says:

    The Essaypro website is extremely inconvenient. It seems that they stuff it with unnecessary details and information just to puzzle customers. I couldn’t find any information on discounts, bonuses, and guarantees, so I had to leave without placing an order.

  11. Jordan says:

    I ordered a dissertation at Essaypro and spent a fortune on it. You can imagine how disappointed I was to get a poor-quality dissertation with multiple lexical and grammar mistakes, as well as a few plagiarized parts. It took me one extra month to fix everything on my own!

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