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Students are facing a huge number of assignments. Therefore, when they need help, they simply do not know which company is truly trustworthy. We offer a detailed review of StudyBay. It will help you make an overall impression and decide to make your first order. Company Info

StudyBay writing service was once a tiny website, but these days it is a huge corporation. It was founded in 2011, and, according to the creators of the website, during this time approximately 80 thousand students from different states used its services. They also say that they collaborate with 27 thousand professional authors from around the world.

This is something like a freelance platform on a bidding basis. If you are a student and need written assignments periodically, you can place your order and choose the best rate. This means that there is no fixed price list. Each author can offer one’s own value. You decide whether you agree with this price or not.

The company has a fairly clear specialization: exclusively academic writing. You can order your homework for high school, college or university, essays, research or term paper, thesis statement, case study, etc. Also, if you need to edit or paraphrase the paper that is already written, you can place your order on the StudyBay website. Such services as writing a business plan or resume are still unavailable to customers. Honestly, there is no issue, as a lot of modern websites offer similar services.

Quality Issue

Quality is the most important point that should be your first priority. If you want to receive an A + essay, it is important to understand that the company is ready to provide it to you. So we made our order.

Quality of Writers

The company claims to work with 27,000 professional writers, each of whom speaks English, has a master’s or doctoral degree. Honestly, we have some doubts. There are few good specialists; there is always a shortage of them. Perhaps 27 thousand is the total number of all service employees in 9 years. This is the only adequate explanation for this number.

Content Quality

We can call our essay average. It is neither good nor bad. This is just a college essay that you can send to a professor without worrying about your academic reputation. Our author made no mistakes, took care of a clear structure and logical arguments. But he did not offer any outstanding ideas that would make this essay amazing.

Customer Support

Studybay customer support is also average. Yes, they reply to messages on time, but isn’t that what any customer support should do? It is their responsibility to solve customer problems.

Money Issue

The cost of services is undoubtedly one of the most important criteria for students. If you do not work, receive a scholarship from the university or receive money from your parents, you cannot afford expensive services. And this applies to all students, as you are all in the same boat.


The first thing customers notice about StudyBay is their affordable prices. The price for writing an essay or other student paper starts at $ 6. In fact, some authors may even reduce this amount by placing a bet on your order. It really looks very attractive.

But you and other students should be extremely careful. Learn the rules of the website and you will find out about the additional costs. For example, StudyBay charges an additional fee for processing your order. Thus, the final price becomes the same as the average rate in the student market.

This approach to pricing has its pros and cons. On the one hand, it’s not very fair to offer a super low price, and then raise it at the expense of an additional fee. On the other hand, when the author makes their bets, you have the opportunity to hire a real professional and discuss with him the cost that will suit both of you. Imagine a situation where the author does not need the money and wants to write a really high-quality essay for someone. You can become this person.

Payment options

Students who plan to place their order on the Studybay website will be happy to know that the company has taken care of different payment methods. Even quite rare options are available here. So, you can use:

  • Visa;
  • Mastercard;
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer

These services are fairly reliable, so you should not worry about the security of your payment.

Discounts and special offers

And although there are no usual discounts or a studybay promo code for us, the creators of StudyBay came up with another interesting approach. If you have already made several orders, you can take the opportunity to make a partial prepayment. This will cost you a total of only 10% of your order. So, at registration, you will pay only 60%. The remaining money will need to be paid after you receive your text. This is simply an amazing opportunity for those students who do not have large sums and cannot make a substantial payment at a time. In addition, it inspires much more confidence in the service.

Another opportunity to get a discount is to start working with one of the authors. If you find a common language, this writer will offer you lower rates.

Usability Issue

Website design and usability today are very important criteria for modern users. Just imagine, you open a page that looks unattractive, contains a lot of unnecessary information and stupid advertising. Most likely you will simply close this website and find another company. Therefore, in our review, there is certainly a place for these aspects.

Website’s Design

We can’t say that the website design looks unique, attractive, unusual. At first glance, the Studybay page does not stand out among its competitors. On the other hand, you choose a service not by design, but by the quality of services. The main thing is that there are not too bright colors, annoying banners and other details that distract attention from the main content. And a pleasant blue color is uplifting.

Ordering Process

Select a paper type and click on the “Place an order” button. Now your main task is to indicate as much information as possible about the assignment. In addition to the type of paper, your future author should know the topic, format, number of pages. If you have additional requirements, upload them to the website. Enter your email address to create an account. You can edit your order card at any time if you understand that there is not enough information. Now you will see the auction page and offers from the authors. You can chat with each of them to discuss the details of the order, ask your questions and discuss the final cost. As soon as you find the common language, you need to click the “Hire me” button and put money into your account to activate the order.

Timely Delivery

We received our order 100% on time. We read a lot of studybay reviews on the Internet, where students talked about cases of delayed orders, so this should also be prepared. It is important to understand that the authors are also people and force majeure happen. Therefore, take care of a sufficient supply of time. Or pay for urgent writing of the paper.

Extra Features

Studybay does not offer many advanced features. Honestly, it is only one. If you want as many authors as possible to see your order, you can assign it to the “Premium” status.

Trustworthy Issue

Today there are a lot of companies that work online and offer students writing services. This can complicate your choice because each of them declares its exclusivity. Therefore, it is important to conduct a small review, find real reviews and get the whole picture.


Reviews for writing services are often very controversial. Most company websites publish good opinions only because they want to create a positive reputation for themselves. But on independent platforms, you can find much more negative feedback from customers about studybay cheating. They are also not a 100% guarantee of a bad reputation. Students rarely write something good, but they readily complain about any little things.

If you want an objective opinion about Studybay, you can read different websites, e.g. you can google something like “studybay reddit” Students’ reviews are the most honest and objective there. There are a lot of bad comments also, but the company seems to be working with them and striving to improve their online reputation.

Guarantees, Moneyback Policy, etc.

Every website that provides services is required to have a review and return policy. But not all companies can boast of truly worthy and proper policies. But the reviews on Studybay show that it is possible to get your money back here. And this is an answer to the popular question: is studybay legal? Scammers don’t care. We did not have such a need, but we willingly believe that these guys are ok with their promises. Each client has 20 days after receiving the article to request a free edition. If the author does not cope with this task, you can apply for a refund. Representatives of the company are always in touch, willingly answer customer questions and help to fill out applications if necessary.

Get Writing Help from Trusted Essay Company

Writing services for students are in great demand today. This is not surprising, because the number of students every year only increases. In addition, thanks to globalization and modern technologies more and more students get the opportunity to study abroad. If you feel a lack of time or understand that your writing skills are far from ideal, you can use the services of professionals at an affordable cost. Of course, choosing the right company with a good online reputation, positive reviews, quality papers 100% free from plagiarism can be a real challenge. Therefore, we have prepared for you a ranking of the best companies for students. Choose any service from the below and it will exceed your expectations!

What people say

  1. Jacob says:

    I like how professional Studybay specialists are. They helped me with choosing a topic and wrote the paper within the deadlines. I highly recommend this writing company!

  2. Heather says:

    It was my first time contacting a writing service, and I am glad that I chose Studybay. They did a great job, and my literature essay was the best in the class.

  3. Stewart says:

    Those who need urgent assistance can contact Studybay without any worries. They always help when the deadline is approaching, and I don’t have to stress out and neglect other tasks.

  4. Jerry says:

    My friend advised contacting Studybay as a reputable writing service. However, I can’t say that I am extremely happy with the result. Yes, there were little mistakes in the text, but the writer was unfriendly, and the deadlines were missed.

  5. Doris says:

    I like the Studybay website and a large number of offered features. What I don’t like is that there are no clear guarantees on the website. If something goes wrong, you’ll hardly get compensation.

  6. Emma says:

    Studybay wasn’t the first academic helper I contacted, and I must say that they didn’t provide me with a great result. However, the presentation I ordered was submitted on time, and they helped with preparing for the class.

  7. Eleanor says:

    I needed to complete a research paper but had no time. I chose Studybay, but the result was worse than I expected. There weren’t enough sources, and the formatting style that I indicated was absent. But they gave me a discount and supplied with guidelines.

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