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Myassignmenthelp review will help you get a better idea of what kind of essay writing service this company really is. Their site is claimed to be a professional paper writing helper, so let’s see whether everything they promise is real or not. Company Info

My Assignment Help is not just a paper writing service. They call themselves a consulting company that offers a vast number of services from professional and qualified writers. They offer lots of writing services, from custom academic writing to even business consulting and programming.

We do not know about what kind of business consultants they are, we want to discuss only their writing services in this Myassignmenthelp review. Their website looks like a serious consulting company and it doesn’t resemble other paper writing services, so it is quite interesting what kind of quality they deliver. The reviews of their customers are different, so let us see whether there are some issues with that service or not.

Quality Issue

The first and the main problem we faced when dealing with MyAssignmentHelp, was the quality issue and here is why.

Quality of Writers

The writers at MyAssignmentHelp are claimed to be from the UK, Australia, and the USA only. It is natural that everyone expects the highest quality, especially when taking into account that they have to be experts in the given topic, hold the respective degree in the field, and demonstrate their exceptional writing skills.

Can you imagine there are over 10,000 reviews on their site and all of them are positive? But once you browse the Internet, you can easily find out that there are hundreds of complaints from their real users. Tons of mistakes prove that those writers are not native English speakers and not professors at all.

Content Quality

Myassignmenthelp plagiarism is another problem of quality. Yes, the essays written didn’t only contain numerous mistakes but also were plagiarized. It means that you pay money for getting an essay from scratch and get only a rewritten (if not the same) version of someone’s essay.

Their prices are not low, so such quality of work is beyond our understanding. Grammar, punctuation mistakes, typos of all kinds, and plagiarism are not the best bonuses for pretty expensive work.

Customer Support

Customer support of that service offers seven phone numbers of different English-speaking countries, a live chat, and a call-back option. They also provide five social media accounts to get in touch.

We tried to get in touch during working hours, the US phone line was busy, and we got no reply within 10 minutes of trying. Live chat worked out (not at once though). But it was obvious that the person on the other hand of the chat is not a native English speaker. We could hardly understand their customer support professional

Money Issue

Myassignmenthelp prices are another issue, let’s see whether they offer any special discounts for newcomers as well as their returning customers.


Unfortunately, it is impossible to understand how much your paper will cost without providing your personal information. There is no pricing table or calculator on their site. It is obvious that you will have to make an order first, and only then find out how much it costs.

Our essay for college cost about $200 dollars for five pages and 2 days deadline. We will not repeat the information about its quality – it was really poor. 2 days is not a bad deadline, however, that amount is simply huge for an average student. The prices are not reasonable and not affordable at all. 

Payment Options

The site promises 100% secure payments and yes, they use a pretty standard range of payment options, including:

  • VISA;
  • MasterCard;
  • AMEX;
  • Discover.


There is no information about discounts on their site, and we didn’t get any discount or offer when making the first order.

Special Offers

It is quite disappointing but there are really no discounts and no coupons or special offers both for new or returning customers. It is strange while returning customers expect some rewards for their loyalty and all reputable companies take care of their customers.

Is myassignmenthelp legit? – This is a natural question that came to our mind, as well as to yours, probably. Maybe they are legitimate but they definitely don’t bother to make their customers return to them again.

Usability Issue

Now let’s talk about the website and whether it is helpful or not.

Website’s Design

We loved the design of the website. It looks pretty professional. But once you start using it, you realize it is just the wrong first impression. We didn’t like that there are too much information and too much text on every single page of their website.

It is very annoying, distracting, and not user-friendly at all. It is difficult to find what you need and you have to browse one page after another to find whatever you may be looking for. Too many myassignmenthelp fake testimonials distract you from the main idea and you can easily forget why you are there. Moreover, there is no price list. It looks like a waste of time.

Ordering Process

The ordering process starts with the Order now button. You will go to the ordering form. After filling in all the fields and proceeding a payment, your order is done. There is nothing difficult in it.

Timely Delivery

We got our paper on time, and we checked the reviews, most of the customers also didn’t complain about the timely delivery. But due to the quality, customers often request revisions and that may affect the deadline.

Also, you cannot get in touch with your personal writer which is pretty strange, while most of the services offer this option. If you have a delay or any other concern or issue, you have to apply to the customer support service which is not very helpful frankly speaking.

Extra Features

Since the site offers not only writing services, there are lots of different features on the site but there is nothing special regarding the essay writing. You will not get anything for free – just revisions but we will discuss them below.

Trustworthy Issue

Frankly speaking, we were shocked when we checked some of the Sitejabber reviews about MyAssignmentHelp. This wasn’t the case with us but we will share some experience with other customers.


The site got lots of complaints about the quality of their papers which is not surprising while we also suffered from their poor quality. We didn’t request any revisions or improvements while we didn’t need it. But other people did.

And they were blackmailed, threatened, and bullied for their complaints. The site told them to stop all those disputes, otherwise, they would report to their colleges about their essay orders. Wow, it doesn’t look like an honest policy at all. They seem not to keep their free revision promises.

Guarantees, Moneyback Policy, etc.

Even myassignmenthelp reddit states that they offer an honest money-back policy and refund. However, their terms and conditions say clearly that you are entitled to cancel your order and get your refund before no writers were assigned.

Once the writer is assigned (and we know it is done promptly after receiving your payment), you are not entitled to cancel your order. It is not very convenient.

Also, they promise to give you a full refund in case you have been charged twice. Did anyone ever have that situation? We bet no. Such cases are so rare that they do not even have to be written in the money-back terms.

Also, they promise to provide you with a free assignment if there were no writers found. They accept all the claims within 31 days only.


We would recommend searching for a myassignmenthelp alternative. We can give this service an average score for their timely delivery, a nice interface, and a variety of services offered. However, quality issues and controversial pricing policies do not allow us to give them the highest grade.

Quality is the most essential thing people search for and their quality doesn’t deserve to be called the best. Such a large number of customers’ complaints prove that it is better to search for a more reliable service.

Get Writing Help from Trusted Essay Company

Paper writing services from our list proved to be one of the best and most reputable on the market. The price/quality ratio is perfect and allows you to get your highest grade at a reasonable cost.

Users’ feedback doesn’t lie and hundreds of returning customers keep using their services without any doubts or fears to be scammed. They also offer quite attractive discounts for new customers and a beneficial bonus system for their returning customers which is very pleasant.

What people say

  1. Abigail says:

    Myassignmenthelp is a great writing service. I have been contacting them for almost a year, and they never failed. Most of all, I love how attentive and friendly all the team members are.

  2. Tracey says:

    When I need a simple essay but don’t have time, I contact Myassignmenthelp. Their writers are not top specialists but can deal with easy tasks without a hurry.

  3. Sally says:

    Myassignmenthelp is not the first writing service I have contacted, so I know that there are many more experienced and professional companies. However, this service is legit and delivers papers on time.

  4. Charles says:

    This company may be a good option for those who are not in a hurry and are ready to get an averagely written paper but for an affordable fee. Unfortunately, Myassignmenthelp college coursework had lots of mistakes.

  5. Kathy says:

    I can’t say that Myassignmenthelp is a good option. They missed the deadlines even though I gave them almost two weeks to complete a regular literature Essay. And they didn’t even apologize.

  6. Harry says:

    Those who are looking for a top-notch writing service shouldn’t pay attention to Myassignmenthelp. The number of provided services is rather limited, and they are not able to deal with complex or urgent assignments.

  7. Kenneth says:

    I liked the Myassignmenthelp website, so I decided to give them a try. Unfortunately, the rest of the services weren’t as good as the website. My essay didn’t meet any of the requirements.

  8. Mark says:

    All I got from Myassignmenthelp was a plagiarized essay that was copied from another website from A to Z. The writer didn’t even have time to copy certain parts – he just copy-pasted the whole document! And I didn’t get a refund.

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