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No matter what essayshark review you will open, most likely it will read something like ‘my paper was awful, the submission date was missed, and I got a low grade’. This bidding writing service is one of the worst on the global market and we think that it’s not only untrustworthy but intentionally scams customers. Yes, a few students receive good works but they are the exceptions. That is why we decided to write our own Essayshark feedback and to give you the most recent information on the company.

As we have already mentioned, the service works on the bidding system, so the range of services is flexible. A list of services includes essays, admission papers, case study, creative writing, coursework, and research paper. You can also order theses and dissertation, and place any not pre-listed order waiting for a bidder. However, most likely you won’t get too many requests because the majority of Essayshark bidders are not able to cover complex topics.

Quality Issue

We started with reading essayshark reddit comments and it became obvious that we won’t be able to find positive reviews. Even though there are good comments on their own website, most likely they are written by managers and writers, thus, not worth our attention. Want to know what we found out about Essayshark writers and the quality of assignments? Then continue reading!

Quality of Writers

Even when paying for the top-rated writer, customers complain that they get a paper of a low quality. This means that even though authors are considered good ones, they are just high school students or foreigners. When checking personal profiles, you may read how experienced they are, while in reality there are no credentials to back that info.

Essayshark writers can writer literally anything they want and no one will be able to check whether the information is true or false. At first, the writer we chose seemed friendly and nice but it turned out that his professional skills were far from perfect. He didn’t want to answer our messages, never followed the instructions, and after asking for revisions acted rather rudely.

Content Quality

Even though students can read writers’ profiles and track the progress, it’s impossible to foresee that the result will be plagiarized and the assignment will be delivered before the deadline. As we know, plagiarism and late submission are the two enemies of a high grade, so when working with Essayshark don’t expect a good score.

To conduct a thorough review, we have made our own order – a five-page essay of a high school level. Should we say what a disaster it was? It seemed that the writer took everything from Wikipedia without bothering to research sources and follow our requirements. And it took us almost a week to make him revise the paper. But even after the revision, the quality was rather low. Is essayshark safe? We doubt it!

Customer Support

Unfortunately, essayshark scam customers not only with the quality of provided services but also with customer support. Actually, there isn’t anyone, who would help you solve any arising question – you’re supposed to discuss the problems directly with the writer.

The system would be working if the writers were professional. But as we already know, Essayshark authors are one of the worst on the academic market, so often students need someone to manage the dispute. The only way to reach the support is an email but don’t think that it is working – they rarely answer and even if they do, there won’t be a clear answer. In 99% of the cases, the manager will say that all the problems should be discussed directly with the author. Should we say that it’s nearly impossible to get a refund at Essayshark?

Money Issue

Is essayshark legal? By now we have discussed this issue and you may already want to leave the page but let’s talk about the prices at Essayshark and put all the prejudice aside. Who knows, maybe our opinion will change?


As you already know, Essayshark is based on a bidding system. This means that writers offer their price and you choose the one, which suits you the most. That is why essayshark price solely depends on the writer and how good you are able to negotiate. The only limit is the lowest possible bid, which equals $7,50 for a page. Such a policy is applied to avoid underbidding when authors are ready to earn less just to be hired.

Before hiring a certain writer, we recommend discussing possible discounts, additional features, free pages, and any other options you can get. This is probably the only benefit of a bidding system, so you should use it.

Payment Options

Most of the EssayShark reddit comments claim that this writing service doesn’t spoil users with a wide range of payment options and we couldn’t agree more. Here are the banking methods you can choose:

  • Visa;
  • MasterCard;
  • G2A Pay. 

So, users with e-wallets or crypto should create a new account to pay for an Essayshark order.


With a floating essayshark price you shouldn’t expect any discounts from the company even though writing services know how important bonuses are for customers. Yes, on one hand, a bidding system allows choosing the lower price and saving money but in reality, the Essayshark management charges rather high fees from the writers, so the authors need to set bigger prices to earn at least something.

We hope in future will reconsider the quality of provided services and the discount policy. Who knows, maybe this will attract more customers to the company and will motivate them to work harder.

Special Offers

As you understand, there are no special offers not depending on whether you are a first-time customer or a regular one. But let’s be honest: there are no regular customers at Essayshark because no one would tolerate such an awful paper quality, absence of bonuses, and complete ignorance of the support team. So, when you ask ‘is essayshark legal?’ our answer is always negative.

Usability Issue

When working on the essayshark review we paid careful attention to the usability. Some may think that it’s not important but we would disagree – details always matter. Allow us to tell more about Essayshark’s website, ordering process, delivery, and extra features.

Website’s Design

Unfortunately, we can’t say anything good about their website. And 99% of the essayshark reddit reviews will agree with us. The home page is overloaded with unnecessary information and still fails to tell about the service, its writers, and prices. 

When evaluating the Essayshark website we noticed that there were 109 writers online, so it will surely take time while you start receiving the offer. Then it will take additional time to negotiate with several writers. Plus, the process of ordering is rather complex and will take at least half an hour. So, if your deadlines are tight, Essayshark is surely not an option and the website will only confuse you.

Ordering Process

Let’s continue our essayshark review with understanding how to place an order at A quick disclaimer: it takes time and nerves!

The first stage is entering your email and signing up. Then you should provide all the information about the order. Keep in mind, everything you type in is automatically visible to the writers. Make sure you have at least half an hour to indicate all the details because the order form at Essayshark leaves much to be desired.

After clicking the ‘save and publish’ button, you will be redirected to the stage of selecting a writer. Make sure you clarify all the details on the price and delivery before assigning a certain author. Be careful, they will say exactly what you want to hear. 

When the writer is assigned it’s time to make a deposit and then to be redirected to a list of current orders, where you can track and edit them. If you still want to risk and hire Essayhark writers, we recommend paying lots of attention to discussing all the details with the author. Make sure he or she understands order peculiarities and not just wants to make money and disappear.

Timely Delivery

As it was already mentioned above, the bidding system is not a place, where you can order an urgent paper – it will take time while the bids arrive and while you discuss everything with the candidates, choosing the best one. 

In addition, you can’t rely on writer’s promises: even if the writer says that your order will be delivered by a particular date, he or she may be late without fear of being fined or fired. That is a rather distinct answer to the question: ‘is essayshark safe?’ 

Extra Features

Essayshark price is quite low compared to other companies on the market starting with $7,50 for a page. However, there are two additional features that you can pay for. But truth be told, they are pointless.

The first one is the auto-assignment of the writer. The company claims that it’s a great chance to avoid requests and messages from the writers, and the company will assign a writer automatically. But what’s the point of a bidding system if you can’t choose among writers? In such a case it’s better turning to a traditional writing service, which bears full responsibility for the process.

The second extra option is making the order featured for $4,95 but it doesn’t give any advantages and you’ll simply waste money without getting anything in return.

Trustworthy Issue

Asking yourself is essayshark safe and reliable? Is it a place, where you can order a quality paper? Let’s see what others have to say.


There are hundreds of essayshark reddit comments and all of them are awful. People claim that the company hires foreign writers to reduce the prices, so the quality of delivering papers deteriorates. There were only a few positive comments, which only prove our conclusions.

Don’t be fooled by the data on the Essayshark website – all the comments are written by the company itself and they simply delete negative reviews and messages.

Guarantees, Moneyback Policy, etc.

Now, when we have discussed essayshark price, ordering process, and other details, let’s have a closer look at the guarantees this company offers. Unfortunately, we managed to detect that the money-back policy is identical to the policy of another writing company. They didn’t even manage to write this section tailored according to their own needs.

It turns out that at you won’t be able to get a full refund and the sum depends on the percentage of the completed assignment. And even in that case, you will hardly see your money because the writer will make excuses, play for time, and will eventually disappear.


It is time to finish our essayshark review and we are sad to say that this company did not live up to expectations: the have a bad reputation, awful quality of papers, unprofessional writers, and the absence of a support team.

We don’t recommend Essayshark to customers, who value their time and money and want to get a high grade.

Get Writing Help from Trusted Essay Company

If you still have doubts, we recommend reading essayshark reddit comments or other reviews but if you don’t want to waste time, just get familiar with the list of our top-rated writing companies and pick the one you like more. 

What people say

  1. Sarah says:

    I have ordered a literature essay at Essayshark because I read many positive reviews about them. Unfortunately, I have nothing really positive to say. Yes, the essay was decent, but it contained several major mistakes and revisions didn’t help.

  2. Bob says:

    It was my first time dealing with Essayshark. The website seems very modern and stylish, so I thought that their essays are also good. However, the result was a disappointment even though the company tried to do everything to save the situation.

  3. Roger says:

    Even though my classmate uses and says that it is a good writing company, I have nothing positive to say about them. At first, they didn’t meet my requirements and were one day late with the delivery, and then didn’t want to return the money. The only good thing is their customer support – managers are supportive and try to make you comfortable.

  4. Tiffany says:

    If you are deciding whether to hire Essayshark or not, listen to my advice: pick another writing company. Even though they are legit and are not a scam, the quality of essays is rather poor, while the prices are above average.

  5. Lora says:

    It was my first time contacting an academic writing service. I picked Essayshark because I liked their website, but now I know that you can’t judge the book by its cover. They seem to neglect orders once the payment is done and I had to force them to deliver my essay. No wonder that it was written in poor English and didn’t contain my guidelines.

  6. Mike says:

    I had a negative experience with Essayshark. Let’s start with the pros: convenient order form and a few perks. The rest is rather poor: ESL writers, slow customer support, absence of a refund. I won’t return to this company.

  7. Laura says:

    If you want to obtain a professional essay for a reasonable fee, Essayshark may not be the best option. While they have friendly support and a convenient website, the papers are bad and contain a huge number of mistakes.

  8. Kate says:

    I don’t recommend Essayshark to anyone who wants to get the task done. Apart from high prices, their managers are rude and don’t answer messages once the payment is made. I received an awful essay even though the topic was simple, and they ignored me when I was trying to get a revision.

  9. Jerry says:

    I am extremely unsatisfied with Most likely, all the positive reviews come from the company’s writers. My paper contained multiple mistakes, absence of formatting, and it was obvious that the writer didn’t read my requirements.

  10. Kira says:

    Essayshark was almost three days late with order completion! Even though I paid extra money for urgency, they didn’t complete my essay on time and afterward blamed me for giving wrong instructions. An awful writing service, which doesn’t meet the promises they have made.

  11. Megan says:

    In case you want to hire Essayshark, I recommend saying goodbye to the money and paper. This writing company is not able to create professional papers, and their writers seem to be middle school students or foreigners. My essay contained mistakes that even my 10-year-old sister wouldn’t make.

  12. Mira says:

    I ordered a research paper at Essayshark and paid big money for it. How surprised I was to see that it was completely plagiarized! When I contact the support team to ask for an explanation, they said that my plagiarism checker didn’t work properly, and my research was 100% original. But they didn’t send me proof and stopped answering messages.

  13. Jane says:

    I had a negative experience communicating with Essayshark’s customer support. Apart from the fact that it took them almost 48 hours to answer, they were very unfriendly and were only interested in getting payment.

  14. Max says:

    When hiring Essayshark, I hoped that the writers are professional native speakers. However, the assigned author had poor English, and even after two revisions, the paper contained multiple mistakes.

  15. Nathan says:

    Run away from Essayshark as fast as you can. I had the worst experience ever – awful essay, extremely high prices, and late submission. There wasn’t a single positive thing about this website!

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