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Today on the Internet there are a large number of companies that offer various services for customers. One of them is Out team decided to conduct a thorough study and order an essay for ourselves to check how true the promises of this site are. Below you will find our detailed edubirdie review on each aspect. Company Info

In general, we can immediately say that we do not recommend this site for cooperation. Although that they promise a lot of services, including essay writing, homework, coursework, laboratory tools, checking texts, the reality is completely different. And this applies to absolutely all aspects, both the quality of work and the convenience of this website. If you cooperate with them from the very beginning it’s inconvenient, sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to continue.

Quality Issue

The first thing that is really important when writing an essay is the quality of the paper. Indeed, sometimes you can pay really big money or wait more time if you know that your essay will be just awesome. A-assessment sometimes requires effort, time and attention in order to be justified and deserved. Every student knows this. We can write a bad essay ourselves, but when we apply to a company such as Edubirdie, we expect that we will be provided with the highest paper that will exceed our expectations. In fact, we were completely dissatisfied with this site in three main aspects. First of all, the author was clearly not a native speaker of English. In the text, there were sentences that are not used in modern speech. Most likely he used the dictionary and did not check the contextual meaning of some words and idioms. In fact, it was possible to read in advance the articles that are presented on this website in order to understand the quality of the work of these authors. They also contain some errors and are not always quality in terms of content. We also had questions about customer support. When we wrote to them that we were dissatisfied with our essay, they changed the manager several times before appointing a manager who volunteered to help us with our problem. They suggested several attempts to change this essay, but two or three authors did not see the mistakes that the first author made. As a result, we had to redo the paper ourselves, so we can say that we are categorically dissatisfied with the quality of writing an essay on this website.

Money Issue

The next important point is the price. Like all students, we do not have a large budget and cannot afford to order a very expensive essay. Therefore, we immediately looked for information on the site to understand how much our paper would cost, but the edubirdie price here was unreasonably high. In addition, we did not immediately find this information. We had to lose our time. Still, we decided to order the text, as we hoped that it would be really high-quality and we would save our time. But since the essay turned out to be bad, in the end, we lost even more. Moreover, our money was not returned to me. We also asked the manager if we could get any discount on the next assignment if we were unsatisfied with this order. We were told that no discounts were provided. Perhaps there will be edubirdie discount in the future, but we honestly do not know how to find out about them. Thank God that we were not forced to go to the bank and pay for the order in cash and we were able to pay it with our credit card directly on the Internet. We sincerely hope that the data on our card has remained confidential since this platform does not inspire confidence.

Usability Issue

As soon as you visit this website it seems to you that it is really beautiful and attractive. But then you remember that you live in the 21st century. Today, the trend is minimalism. It is much more important for the client to find the necessary information on your site as quickly as possible. All these blinking buttons with a large amount of text and various additional features simply do not make sense. They distract the attention of the client from the most important. Therefore, we immediately became disappointed in this design. Despite the fact that their logo is a very cute bluebird. Yes, it matches the name of the company is an interesting idea. But this does not mean that this should be the only advantage of this website, but it is. We did not find any more functions useful to users on this site. The ordering process was lengthy and complex. On the one hand, it consists of only several stages. On the other hand, we had to wait for the site to load between one and the next stage. Also, our essay requirements files took a very long time to load. In fact, we don’t understand why we spent so much time downloading these files because, in the end, the author did not take into account all our wishes. Moreover, the author delayed our essay for several hours. This edubirdie scam was really critical, as we indicated that we needed the essay urgently. Each hour of delay cost us our personal time, and the paper turned out to be of poor quality and we had to rewrite it ourselves. So, we did not sleep the night before going to university and were very disappointed with the services of this site.

Trustworthy Issue

Unfortunately, we began to read reviews about this website. We’ve googled edubirdie reddit, some other portals, only after we have placed the order. If we had read these testimonials before, we would never have become involved with this website. Many customers are not even sure whether this platform is legitimate. There are doubts is edubirdie legit, whether this site can provide services legally, or whether they are scammers. We can also say that they did not return any money to me. In fact, we did not even find a clear promise where they guarantee to do this. Therefore, if the essays are delivered to you with errors and out of time, you may not even think about returning some money for it. It’s easier just not to contact this site and not send them your money. Better write an essay yourself or entrust it to a different platform than make an order at Edubirdie.


Summing up, we don’t even know what advantages of this site can be highlighted. This is probably what they are not 100% scammers, but edubirdie cheating is possible. They at least send you paper. Yes, maybe it is of poor quality, but you get a unique essay with which you can go to university. You won’t get an A-score, but it saves yourself from having to write an essay yourself. This is the only opportunity this site provides. About any additional benefits, high-quality papers and a high level of service, the speech is not even out of the question. Our overall assessment is 1.1 from 5 and we cannot guarantee that this site will meet your expectations. We don’t know is edubirdie safe or not. Therefore, we can’t advise this platform to other students.

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